What To Look For When Hiring an Electrician

When having any electrical work done in your home, you want the job done properly at a reasonable price. Choosing a company can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some tips to help you source the right person for the job.

Certifications and insurance

Electricity can be a dangerous thing, so you need to be certain the electrician is qualified to work in this field. Standards are in place to ensure the tradesperson has passed the relevant courses and examinations, enabling them to safely carry out the work. Insurance is essential, so ask to see the company’s public liability policy, which will protect you in the event of any damage resulting from their work.

Shop around

It is always a good idea to get several quotes, and make sure you communicate your requirements clearly, stating the type of materials and fittings you prefer. At this point, make a note of any questions, and ask each bidder about possible solutions. Using the services of an online directory will help you source prospective businesses. A quick check on Thomson Local for reviews of local electricians will put your mind at rest before you request the service.


It is important for the electrician to have good communication skills; they should be courteous, while focusing on your requirements and concerns. You should be given a complete breakdown of costs, and a good estimation of the time needed to complete the work.

Safety is a priority

Safety is something all electricians understand. They are responsible for the safety of you and your family while the work is being carried out. If you have any safety concerns, you should discuss them with the electrician. If you will be without power, you should be informed in advance.

Here is a checklist for choosing an electrician,

  • They should be certified for the job at hand
  • They should be insured
  • They should be experienced in this type of work
  • They should be able to provide references on request
  • They should have a professional appearance and attitude
  • They should provide a quotation with a breakdown of all costs
  • They should be able to give you an estimated time when the work will be complete

Workmanship Guarantees

All electricians should guarantee their work for a certain period of time. This demonstrates confidence in the electrician’s ability to provide a safe solution to your problems. Quality materials should be used, with appropriate power specifications that are in line with government recommendations.

Hands-on Experience

It is essential that the electrician has sufficient experience to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves during the course of the installation. Sometimes we have to adapt, and a good tradesperson will know this, and is always ready to provide a safe solution, regardless of the situation.

Attention to Detail

A good electrician will have attention to detail, as working with electricity demands extra care. Sloppy work can lead to injury, or even death, so make sure the person works in a professional manner.

Practical Thinker

There are many variables in the construction industry, especially when dealing with electrical power. A good electrician will be able to think outside the box, and be flexible enough to work as part of a team.

Reviews and Testimonies

If you are using an online directory to source your electrician, it will be easy to browse through customer reviews, which gives you added peace of mind that the work will be carried out responsibly, and on time.

Problem Solving Skills

All tradespeople have to improvise on occasions, and with so many variables, making the right decision is an important thing.

Working in Line with Others

If your electrical work is part of a construction project, then the electrician must liaise with other tradespeople. Any delay can cause the project to fall behind schedule, so all parties should communicate and work together to ensure smooth progress.

The Right Amount of Power

Your electrical wiring system will depend on the amount of electricity you will require. Multiple A/C, or heating units may require separate phases to be set up. Your electrician will be able to calculate the safest way to deliver the amount of power you need.

Large Renovation Projects

Often with an older property, the entire wiring system needs to be replaced, and a good electrician will advise you on where to have your power sockets and light switches located. Safety breakers should be installed and tested to protect your home, should there be a short circuit, or power surge. Energy saving bulbs require much less energy, and are recommended for almost all lighting situations.

Local Council Approval

Plans may have to be submitted to the local authority, and your electrician should have experience with this approval process, supplying them with all the relevant plans and documentation upon request.

Home Security

While the property is being rewired, you might want to consider home security. By including the right cables, your property can be protected by installing a modern surveillance system. The cost is very reasonable, especially if the cables are already in place.  A good electrician will have the working knowledge to prepare the new wiring system to incorporate CCTV and other protective systems.

Online Directories offer the best solutions

Sourcing tradespeople can be difficult, but with a resource like Thomson Local, you can contact the right people who work in your immediate vicinity. Once you have found a potential contractor, you can browse through customer reviews and get a good idea about their client relationships. In today’s digital world, online directories account for a major part of the online searches in the UK. Here is some further information about online directories, and how they configure with the online consumer buying practices. Local directories list all types of services, and are affiliated with various associations that guarantee the listed company has achieved a satisfactory level of competence.