This Startup Might Have The Blueprint For Your House

Decorating a whole house or even one’s own bedroom isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  From the sea of data on the internet, it is so hard to find out how you want the place you’ll live to look like. It’s your house and it should represent you. If only you had a team of architects to help you through!

This is exactly what these expert architects with 26 years of experience are doing. Knowing the home decor business like the back of their hand, these architects will leave a great legacy – loads and loads of data and information about the home décor business they’ve gathered over the years through a startup called ‘Renomania’. They claim that there is nothing you’ve wanted to know about building a house you wouldn’t find on Renomania. Co-founders Ritu Malhotra and Navneet are graduates from the School of Planning and Architecture who met their third Co-founder Rahul Lodha who is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur.

Interviewing Ritu, we found out that they say they are selling ideas and their idea can give you the house of your dreams.

From architecture to entrepreneurship

We have been entrepreneurs for 26 years now with A.A Design Consultants. has been a dream project that we, as architects, wanted to come up with after understanding the pain points of the homeowners. We have been in this industry long enough to understand how difficult it is for people to explain what they exactly want in their house. We have seen people getting magazine and newspaper cut-outs and online picture-prints which were all from international homes from international websites. The results, thus, were never really the same considering the difference in culture, weather and tradition. That’s when we decided to build Renomania as a solution for anything related to Indian home decor. From inspirations and ideas to a community of home professionals and homeowners, the idea was to provide the users with all information on a single platform. Our clients would ask questions regarding finishes and costs and sourcing of products seen on foreign sites or a hotel they visited. Renomania is providing all the answers.”

How does Renomania work?

We believe that home owners require inspiration, inspiration which comes from relevant content, variety of ideas and being part of a similar yet diverse community.

Most others in the Home space are in the Transaction space like selling furniture or in the Home service space that is to provide handymen. The content in these platforms is Transaction oriented.

Renomania is into the business of selling ideas. It is a community of homeowners and professionals where they can easily discover each other and interact. It is not a usual e-commerce website that sells furniture or a readymade look. It aims at attempting to maintain the fun and ease factor in home building and home décor experience. It is helping people ‘discover’ – the kind of house they’d like to live in and the professionals they would like to work with.

Why need a home décor database?

Renomania is an online platform that helps homeowners discover a million new ways to make their homes more beautiful.

Design Consortium

Since, we have a strong experience of 26 years in this field, we understood the problems that homeowners were facing, and we knew that someone had to work towards it. We built the largest catalogue of beautiful Indian homes, helping homeowners get ideas and inspiration for designing everything from a room or a corner to an entire house. Renomania also helps homeowners convert their inspired vision into reality, by connecting them with an ever-growing community of millions of other homeowners, interior designers, architects, contractors and product providers across the country. Whether you’re looking to renovate a room or a corner or an entire home, Renomania is everything you need to create a beautiful home. With over 1,00,000 high-resolution inspiring photos of home interiors that you can browse, save and share, we wanted the consumers to find everything related to their home at one place. We also have a 3000-member strong verified active professional community, from architects and contractors to designers and more, who help make your dream home a reality. Consumers can findout the source of the products tagged in the photos and above all, get hundreds of tips and recommendations to make their home remodelling a pain-free process.

Future of home décor data

The digital world is booming by the hour and everyone is perpetually connected to social media. This change has automatically resulted in the boom of the online home décor market as well. People go online for everything nowadays, whether it is to buy a product or to get ideas. We notice an increase in adoption of online purchasing by a younger audience. Statistically, Home interior is a $20 Billion market currently and the growth options are immense.

We are targeting to reach the half a million unique visitors on the website by end July orend August this year. Simultaneously, we are looking to grow our catalogue to beyond 100,000 pictures within this period. We have launched our mobile app for iOS and Android users and are awaiting a new feature that will allow users to discuss their home design ideas and dilemmas with one another.

How they document works of architecture

Firstly, most professionals in the industry have not documented their work and are offline. It took a lot of research and work to track all the architects in the country, reach out to them and explain how Renomania would actually prove to be beneficial for them. We hired photographers who documented the homes for these professionals across geographies. To get access of thousands of designers and create a library of curated high definition pictures of real Indian homes was a big challenge. But, this challenge has actually turned into an opportunity as we are building up this asset at great speed and of course our content is not copied and is our copyright.

Kumar Moorthy & Associates

Secondly, to build a discovery platform is a challenge in itself. There is a lot of back end coding that is required to be done in order to give the best experience to the user. When we started, we knew that we want to be a platform where users can search for anything related to homes and the search results they get are most relevant. Tagging and associating relevant and multiple keywords for each picture have been a task, something we knew will pay off well and it did!

These professionals are so good on the field but believe that they need to work on their social media game since they’re growing monthly unique at 50% month on month. Ritusays, “we are in the back to school mode. Spending nights understanding the nuances of the digital world.”

Resistance building in Central Jersey to GOP’s healthcare policies

A group of more than 50 protesters rallied outside Rep. Leonard Lance’s office in Westfield on Wednesday to call for the protection of the Affordable Care Act under President Donald Trump’s administration. Nick Muscavage/Staff Video


WESTFIELD – Armed with signs reading “Resist Trump,” “Down with Trump, Down with Lance,” “Medicare for All” and “Resist and Persist,” they gather every Wednesday on the sidewalk outside Rep. Leonard Lance’s (R-District 7) office on North Avenue to show they don’t like what’s going on in Washington.

This Wednesday, more than 50 people, most proud to be called “progressives,” braved a chilly wind during evening rush hour to protest the possibility of changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and cuts of federal aid to Planned Parenthood.

Sometimes it was hard to hear what they were saying or, in some cases, singing because of the car horns being honked in solidarity.

The protesters ranged in age from the freshman president of the Westfield High School Young Democrats Club to those who took part in protests against the Vietnam War in their college days.

“This is amazing,” Christine Sadovy, advocacy director of Planned Parenthood of Central and Greater Northern New Jersey, said about the turnout. A rally was also scheduled at the same time outside Lance’s office in Raritan Township.

Sadovy said the Republican majority in Congress may remove Planned Parenthood from the Affordable Care Act, making birth control and other services of the organization unaffordable for women.

“Being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition,” she said. “That’s not fair.”

“If Planned Parenthood is defunded, millions of people across the country would lose access to the vital preventive reproductive health care services they rely on,”  Sadovy said. “New Jersey residents do not want to see reproductive health care under attack, and that’s why we are making our voices heard loud and clear.”

“Women deserve access to health care no matter their insurance level,” said Mara Natale of New Providence.

Her friend, Plainfield resident Robert Sanchez who carried a sign, “Bad Hombre and Nasty Woman for Planned Parenthood,” said he came to the rally “to support Progressive values at a grassroots level.”

Edison Amtrak worker pleads guilty to over billing rail company

EDISON – A 64-year-old township man, who formerly worked as an Amtrak supervisor, has pleaded guilty to fraudulently over billing the rail company for overtime and regular hours.


U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman said Richard Vogel pleaded guilty Wednesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph A. Dickson in Newark to converting federal government funds to his own use in connection with claiming to be working while Vogel was not present at Amtrak work sites.

According to court documents and statements, Vogel worked for Amtrak from January 1977 until July 2016 when he retired. Vogel supervised about 35 employees in work gangs on the construction signals side of the Communications and Signals Department, New York Division.

Between November 2015 and June 2016 Vogel billed Amtrak for 41 regular hours and 685.75 overtime hours when he was not present at Amtrak work sites, a loss that cost Amtrak $71,000.

With the plea Vogel faces a maximum one year in prison and fines up to $250,000 when he is sentenced on May 22. The plea agreement requires Vogel to make full restitution for $71,946 in losses to Amtrak

Anabolic Steroids- Blessing in disguise

Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the androgen (male hormone) testosterone that are majorly used by cliniciansand athletes. “Anabolism” is a biosynthetic processwhich uses energy to differentially retain nitrogen in lean body mass, either through prompting protein synthesis and/or lowering the breakdown of protein in the body. Androgens are also known to exert their effects in areas other than the reproductive tissues, such as muscle, bone, hair follicles in the skin, liver, kidneys, and the haematopoietic, immune and central nervous systems.

Image result for Anabolic Steroids- Blessing in disguise

Major benefits

Exploitation of each available resource to enhance one’s physical appearance has been an age old practise amongst humans. With the advances in medicine,drugs became an easiersource toaugment physical performance and have been in use ever since. In the present day, individuals both athletes and non-athletestrickling down to collegiate, high school, and even junior high levels continue to employ a wide range of substances, including anabolic- steroids, in the hope of enhancing their performance and appearance. These enable athletes to keep lean tissue due to their high anabolic potential.Steroids have been used to treat a host of conditions clinically as well, which includes several forms of anaemia, wounds and burns, protein-calorie malnutrition, severe burns, osteoporosis. Several derivatives of testosterone are also aimed to be used against Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and even prostate cancer in men or hirsuitism in women.

Common anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids preparations generally involve the modifications of androgens so as to minimize their androgenic properties and make them purely anabolic for promoting fat-free muscle synthesis.Numerous steroids have successfullymade their way as pharmaceutical preparations in the market worldwide, for example, methandienone, methyltestosterone, oxandrolone and stanozolol. Some of the preparations of oxandrolonehave gained more fame because of their use by sports competitors and bodybuilders in particular while some others like boldenone and trenbolone are restricted to veterinary purposes only.Oxandrolone has an indirect way of action wherein it helps promote anabolism by triggering the production of testosterone in the body. Often doctors prescribe this steroid along with other medicines to compensate for the weight loss caused by surgery, injury, infection or any other medical conditions. Oxandrolone owes its reputation to the wide range of functions it performs as an anabolic agent.

Administration and mechanism of action

Oxandrolone is commercially available as tablets and is administered orally while some others are administered by means of intramuscular injections also.These particularly exert their effects by binding to androgen receptors on the cells, stimulating production of RNA,eventually increasing rate of protein synthesis. Not only are these drugs known to have anabolic actions, they also show significant anticatabolic effect.Oxandrolone acts by increasing an athlete’s aggressiveness and leads to gain in strength, produces euphoria, or lessenone’s sense of fatigue during training which together enables athletes to keep lean tissue.

As Hippocrates said, “Everything in excess is opposed to nature” similarly profligate use of anabolic steroids may have adverse effects and the users must be aware of such fallouts common amongst which are increase in sexual drive, incidence of acne vulgaris, increased body hair and increment of aggressive behaviour hence a moderation in doses is the key to best results.

You Should Always Have Energy Efficient Windows At Home

There are so many reasons why you should seriously consider using energy efficient windows. What most people already know is that energy savings are going to be really high. This is important since it will affect personal finances and the environment.

Image result for You Should Always Have Energy Efficient Windows At Home

Protecting The Environment

You should be aware of the fact that a regular house that is semi-detached and that has energy efficient windows are going to save close to 30 CO2 tones on a twenty years period. The environment is impacted in a really great way due to this. In many countries this is highly beneficial since there is a lack of green areas that would offer the oxygen people need so much.

Paying Less On Utility Bills

Besides protecting the environment, when you use energy efficient windows you will reduce your heating bills. According to, the regular semi-detached home will end up with savings of over $15,000 in a 20 years period. It may not seem much for some homeowners but in most situations the savings are really high for the regular owner. Whenever making home improvements the possibility to reduce utility bills needs to be considered.

Increased Home Value

Besides the two main factors that we mentioned above, there are some extra benefits you will want to take into account. One of them is the increase of attractiveness for the potential buyers. If we take a look at two identical properties, simply installing energy efficient windows to one will increase perceived value by up to 20%. Those that make money by flipping homes will always first want to install the windows in order to automatically increase home value with a minimum investment when compared with other changes that could be made.

The Problem

Although energy efficient windows can be seen as a wonderful investment because of the advantages we talked about above, it is really important that we think about whether or not this is an investment you could make. In many cases we see that homeowners do not actually have the money that is needed to make the change. What you do want to consider is the possibility that you get tax deductions or some grants for different neighborhood projects.

The good news is that there are always financing opportunities available for people that want to make their homes more energy efficient. It is not that difficult to find something that would help you. The bad news is that you would need to respect some strict rules if the money is given. That can be done if you are careful and if you get the advice of someone that knows more than you about the subject.


There is basically no reason why you would not consider installing energy efficient windows since they are a lot better than the regular windows we have in most homes. Just make sure that you always learn all that you can about the opportunities available. Since the change will surely be needed in the future, it is the best time to start looking at what options you can consider.

HGH Products in Market and Competition

Human Growth Hormone or commonly called as HGH have become an important part of the medicalfield. Many people rely on this hormone to attain required goals and are now commonly uses apart from medical purpose. These products are available all over the places like nutrition stores, retail markets, authorized pharmacies, gym and finally in online stores. There is still a debate on whether using HGH products are good for health or not. The truth is, these products when used in correct quantity under supervision will give required results. Though there may be minor side effects, smaller dosages of these HGH supplements have proved to serve its purpose than causing major harm.

Related image

Best selling products in market

There are many manufacturers who sell these HGH supplements with different brand names. But most of this perform only similar function – to stimulate the secretion of HGH or increase the levels of HGH in the human body. For the medical purpose, these products are used to treat growth related disorders in people who does not have the HGH hormones working in normal condition. Apart from this, there are people who take this to gain weight, strength, to improve stamina etc. As the causes vary, the recommendations vary. For the non-medical purpose, there are several products that might serve a different purpose. Many products in the market are sold underground not in a so-called sterile environment. Users should be aware of these products. To avoid bumping into these products, users should make sure they buy in from a reliable person or from a reliable online site such as this site, is one of the top most famous social sites for HGH products. This site not only offers to sell products online but also help to know reviews and opinions from other users regarding a product, provides flexible pricing options to choose from and also many offers during sales season.

Best HGH for different purpose

As detailed, there are many products for a different purpose. For example, a person looking to just lose weight and gain some stamina or strength might opt for Clenbuterol as this is very effective for weight loss. This can be used in cutting cycle by athletes. Somatropin is a very famous HGH that is known for its use in bulking cycle. This product helps to increase lean mass weight, provide immense strength, provide quick recovery for work out sessions and also helps in tissue regeneration. Anavar, a mild dosage of HGH is said to have less anabolic property. Hence this product is used mainly for weight loss and strength and preferred by women. Similarly, there are many products that are used for different purpose. Also, these products can be stacked together to form an effective cycle so the users can see results in quick time.

Easy ordering and ease of use

It is easy to order the purchases from as this site is reliable and offers delivery in stipulated period of time. Only caution the user exercise is to check if the products they are buying is legal in their geographic territory or should they have a valid prescription for the same. Also, these products are available in different forms – capsules, pills, sprays and injectable form. Users can choose which one would suit and solve their purpose and choose one among them.

Garage Door Maintenance And Inspections

Garage doors are really important for the home. The problem is that so many just look at this item as something that will always work well. Unfortunately, the garage door is an access point to your home. Because of this and since the garage is not just a warehouse for your vehicles, be sure that you always think about maintenance and regular inspections. This will help you be 100% sure you will not have to deal with too many expenses on the long run and your home will be safe.

The realty good news is that you do not have to necessarily hire garage doors Brisbane specialists in order to check the garage doors. You can easily inspect for many different problems alone. Be sure that you arrange a schedule that will be followed every single month. Besides this, you should know the following.

Image result for Garage Door Maintenance And Inspections

Home Security And Safety

A garage is a part of the home we normally see as being safe at all times. This happens only if sensors, doors and springs are working properly. Make sure that you periodically inspect your home. If you notice that there is something that does not work as it should, the important thing is to check and see what problem is present.

The Importance Of Fast Fixing

A complex problem will obviously lead to expensive repairs. What many do not know is that if you do not fix the minor problems when they appear, they eventually develop into something that is a lot more serious. Ignoring the routine inspection as you have a busy schedule normally means that you are going to miss the small defects. If you do not repair these in time, the damaged structure will be much more affected. Basically, if you have a good maintenance schedule and you fix the small problems fast, you will avoid having to spend a lot of money on repairs.

Potentially Harmful

There are so many cases that are reported every single month in which people are harmed by faulty garage doors. Remember the fact that in so many situations a garage door can be dangerous. You want to be sure you know if there is something that can hurt you. For most of the repairs you will have to call a repairman. So many individuals simply make mistakes by just trying to fix complex matters alone. Do not make this mistake as you can be hurt.


It is not a problem if you do not know how often you have to inspect your garage door. Just contact a repairman and ask for help. He will initially perform the inspection and will then simply talk about what you have to do in the future. It is really important you never make serious repairs alone. It is better to get an inspection done. In time you will be able to quickly figure out if you can get the job done alone or not. Have patience and do allow yourself the necessary time to perform inspections.

Should You Repair Or Upgrade A Home’s Furnace System?

There are many different things that will go through your head when you want to increase property value. It does not matter if you want to rent out the home, sell it or assess a property for a potential future investment. There are many different cases when calling the heating repair contractor brings in a potential bill that is so much higher than what you initially thought. Based on reports by this Toronto furnace installation company, the costs are sometimes so high that homeowners would much rather install a brand new system. In the event you see costs that are similar for the upgrade and the repair, here are some things that you need to think about in order to decide what the better option is in y our case.

Image result for Should You Repair Or Upgrade A Home Furnace System?

Home Safety

Home safety is definitely a huge priority for practically every single homeowner out there. When we have a furnace that has a safety hazard problem, replacing the entire system is normally the very best option to take into account. Your safety or health should never be risked because problems appear, like carbon monoxide gas releases. Change the system if there is any sign that property safety is a concern.

Furnace Lifespan

System lifespan should be taken into account. In most situations a furnace system has an efficient lifecycle of up to twenty years if maintenance is proper. Even so, there are systems that will last longer. You want to analyze the model that is currently installed and check average lifespans. The numbers would serve as a useful guideline to take into account when you decide if a repair is needed or a full repair is better.

Comparing Costs

Obviously, this is what you will instantly want to take into account when you make your final decision. Remember that you need to think about installation and transport costs, not just furnace unit costs. These added costs are normally not taken into account by many homeowners that want to replace furnace systems. When replacing your system is something you cannot afford, you will want to repair it. The furnace may be able to run for a longer period and you can save the money you need for future purchases.

Furnace Efficiency

System efficiency will play a pretty major role in making sure the furnace system does not cost that much when you actually use it. When you have an inefficient system, energy costs are much higher than with the alternative. Make sure that you do the math and you calculate whether or not installing a new, more efficient system will bring in noteworthy savings. When this is the case, the investment is basically justified.

Make sure that you take the time that you need to decide whether a new furnace system is necessary or it is a better approach to simply repair the unit you have now. The decision should not be taken in a hurry as it would not be the best one. If necessary, contact a professional to get some advice.

Lehigh Township Residents Voice Opposition Against Wal-Mart Development


Residents of Lehigh Township gathered Wednesday evening at a meeting of the township’s Planning Commission to learn more about the development of a Wal-Mart within the township—and to voice their criticism of the project.

The proposed Wal-Mart supercenter would be located at Route 145 and Birch Drive. The supercenter would also feature a gas station and a Wal-Mart convenience store.

Adam Benosky of Bohler Engineering attended the meeting on behalf of Wal-Mart to address any questions or concerns that residents had. Residents responded to Benosky’s plan with strong concerns that the project would negatively affect their community and quality of life.

Among the concerns were questions relating to crime, increased traffic and the store’s potential proximity to residential homes.

Lehigh Township resident Kate Popejoy questioned the crime levels associated with Wal-Mart stores. She asked, “How are you going to deal with the crime rate that happens with Wal-Mart? The crime rate is really not a pretty sight at most Wal-Marts.”

The commission said that next year’s budget will allow for the hiring two additional police officers, totaling 12 for the township, but the amount of police on duty at a given time will not increase, with two people on full-time according to the planning commission.

The addition of two officers to the police force did little to quell the unease in the room, as Popejoy referenced a Bloomberg news article which described a “tremendous load on police forces dealing with Wal-Marts.”

Some residents brought up the idea of the township intervening with Wal-Mart’s security, but Solicitor Michael Corriere said such actions are not within the township’s power.

“We can’t get involved with the internal security of Wal-Mart,” Corriere said. “In terms of the security, our officers will have to respond and handle it accordingly.”

Traffic is another concern that frightens Lehigh Township residents. Benosky could not provide specific numbers for the amount of tractor trailers that will enter and exit the property, but said he will inquire about an estimate and get back to the Planning Commission.

Vice Chair of the Planning Commission Cynthia Miller said she will do all in her power to restrict tractor trailers from using Birch Drive.

Residents seemed to have an overall negative reaction to the development, showing pessimism when discussing the future of the community.

“Why was this site chosen?” one resident asked. “We don’t need one.”

Residents argued that the construction and close proximity of the supercenter would prove disruptive for those who live nearby.

Alec Bodzin, a professor at Lehigh University and Lehigh Township resident, expressed that the Wal-Mart would require him and others to sell their homes. Bodzin said the Wal-Mart and the increased activity around it will cause property values to plummet, while providing an undesirable atmosphere for residents.

“I’m going to have to put my house of for sale,” he said. “When do I need to get a for sale sign in my yard?”

Regardless of the pleas of the community, it appears that there is little room for them to disrupt development. The land is zoned for commercial use and any client fitting the requirements of township ordinances will likely receive approval according to the Planning Commission.

“This is zoned commercial,” said Planning Commission Chairman David Shulman. “It could have been a supermarket, it could have been a strip mall, it could have been any number of uses that are permitted in our general commercial district. It just happened to be a Wal-Mart. We cannot change the zoning now that they submitted the plan for this site.”

Benosky, in an attempt to try and calm the concerns of residents, told attendees, “We’re trying to be cognizant of your concerns.”

After a resident asked to speak with Wal-Mart representatives directly, Benosky said that there is the possibility of getting Wal-Mart representatives to come answer specific questions which he could not provide answers to.

Numerous steps still need to be taken before the project is approved by the township, and it will ultimately be decided on by the Board of Supervisors before moving forward.

Mountain View Wesleyan Church Makes Mats For The Homeless


Earlier this year, several women from their crochet club discussed making mats for the homeless out of plastic bags. Little did they know it would lead into a ministry of its own. Today they have a group that gets together every Tuesday morning from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the church to prepare the plastic bags for another group of crocheter’s, many who are a part of their crochet club that meets the fourth Tuesday of every month.

The process started with collecting bags, as each mat takes approximately 600 bags to complete. Next they started to prepare the bags- flatten, trim, cut, open, tie and roll into balls. When they soon realized the project was really in preparing the plarn (plastic yarn) and decided that we could involve others from the church in the project. So in July, they began meeting at the church every Tuesday morning to make the plarn. The ladies really enjoyed the time of fellowship and have now prepared enough plarn to complete ten mats (over 6,000 bags).

During the process we made contact with a few organizations that work with homeless people that we could donate the mats to. We quickly realized the need and for now, have no plans to stop making them.

It is with great honor that the first ten mats will be going to Franklin Homme, Commander of Disabled Veterans Lehigh Valley Chapter Seven (pictured below). Homme works for the Department of Veteran Affairs, helping vets get back on their feet.


This project has gotten so many people involved, both inside and outside the church. They have several places that collect the bags for them. Lattemann’s Corner Store and Deli has a collection box as well with one of the mats on display. The Hair Hut in Walnutport has a young lady collecting bags for them as her service project. Several local stores allow them to collect from the recycled bag collection boxes as well.

Making the plarn has several steps and takes long to make, so recently another church, Bender’s Mennonite in Pen Argyl as gotten a group together to help make the plarn and plan to meet every other Monday from 12 until 3 p.m. at their church.

This project has branched out and become a blessing to so many and they haven’t even reached their intended destination yet. Perhaps the only thing better is they haven’t incurred any cost for this project. However, if the group continues to grow they may need to find a couple heavy-duty paper cutters.

As long as there is a need and the help is provided, the mats will continue to be made.

If anyone would like to help by collecting bags, prepping or crocheting a mat, call MVW Church at 610-759-7553 and leave a message for Gloria Koch.