Need a Room Painted? This New Startup Wants to Streamline the Whole Process.

The Internet has solved many of life’s little headaches. With a couple of swipes of your finger, you can order your groceries to your doorstep, find a doctor who can see you immediately, rent an apartment halfway around the globe or hitch a ride in a stranger’s car.

And today, with the official launch of New York City-based PaintZen, you can now order a painter to come to your home or office and paint your walls for you. Rejoice!

The service gives people an instant online quote, helps them pick their paint colors and secure any building insurance and then sends a team of qualified painters (with paint, supplies and equipment) on a date and time of the user’s choosing.

Need a Room Painted? This New Startup Wants to Streamline the Whole Process.

The idea is to take the hassle of what’s often a daunting process. Sure, you may be able to manage to paint a room yourself. But, first you have to lug paint and painting supplies to your home (no small task for city dwellers who live sans car) and then you have to spend your weekend on a ladder, covered in paint. In many cases, what actually happens is your living room never gets painted.

Real-estate mogul and Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran agrees. She is one of the investors who participated in PaintZen’s $1.8 million seed round, announced today.

The company, which painted 4,000 rooms in its testing phase, is launching only in New York City and San Francisco, though CEO and co-founder Michael Russell wants to eventually expand the service nationally.

All of the painters who work with PaintZen — called “Paintmasters” — have a minimum of five years of interior painting experience. Also, they are reference checked and insured. You can be at your home — or not — when they come. Paintmasters will spackle the cracks and holes in your walls. One drag: you have to move all the furniture in the space you want painted to the middle of the room. (Soon there will be an app for that, too. One can hope.)

In an age when you can order a manicurist to come to you with the click of a button and give you a fresh pedicure, it’s about time there is a way to order a paint job for your bedroom.

Decorate With Intention: Let Your House Help You De-Stress

With the light waning earlier each evening as I write this in early November, it’s natural to be craving more downtime. After the seemingly endless shopping, working and errand running, it’s a relief to come home and finally rest up — but when we slip into that all-too-familiar routine of screen time and snacks right up until bed, our bodies and minds don’t have a chance to fully recharge. By setting up your space with care and establishing a few simple new routines, you can choose to replenish your energy instead. Take these 12 tips to heart and add your own favorite ways to undo stress in the Comments section.

1. Tend to green plants and fresh flowers. Living plants add fresh oxygen to the air and remove toxins, which is especially important for our homes in fall and winter, when we open our windows less often. But beyond plants’ air-purifying effect, the act of tending to living plants or arranging cut flowers is a wonderful way to let go of stress.

Decorate With Intention: Let Your House Help You De-Stress

2. Do something that recharges you beforeturning on the TV. If you are having trouble cutting back on a TV-watching habit, try this instead: Tell yourself that you are free to watch as much TV as you want, but first you must do something unplugged. Make a list of little treat activities you never seem to find the time for and pick one of them to try each night.
 3. Engage your senses.Create a haven for your senses with a fluffy rug and luscious textiles, beautiful music, favorite art and photography books, and a delicious room fragrance. Close your laptop, shut off the TV and allow yourself the simple pleasure of delighting your senses.

Decorate With Intention: Let Your House Help You De-Stress

4. Lower the lights before bed. Artificial light can throw off our natural sleep rhythms, especially at this time of year. Try getting out in the sun a bit each day and gradually lowering the lights for an hour or so before bed for a sounder sleep.

5. Establish boundaries between work and home.A fact of modern life for many of us is that we simply cannot leave work at work. But even if you must do some work at home, setting limits will go far toward preserving your personal space. Setting a cutoff time works well for many people (for example, no work after 9 p.m.), but try to give yourself a whole day completely without work as well.

Decorate With Intention: Let Your House Help You De-Stress

6. Set up a staging area near the door. Make a point of putting down everything you come in the door with — coat, bag, shoes and so on — as soon as you come in. Changing into comfy slippers and leaving your work and mail behind you will help signal a shift from outside worries to the comforts of home.

7. Fill your fridge and pantry with real food. When our schedules are overfilled, it seems easier to rely on takeout, but having healthy ingredients for meals and snacks on hand is often faster and cheaper than going to pick up food from a restaurant. If you’re truly strapped for time, perhaps try swapping out a few takeout meals with healthy snacks and high-quality ready-made food from the market.

Decorate With Intention: Let Your House Help You De-Stress

8. Set your table every night. No matter what you are serving, setting the table with real dishes, cloth napkins and candles nourishes more than just our bellies; it signals us to slow down and appreciate what we have.

9. Practice mindfulness while doing small chores. After dinner, instead of dreading the cleanup, view it as an opportunity to start a mini meditation practice. Focus on your breathing as you attend to the task at hand; when you notice your mind wandering, gently remind yourself to refocus on your breath.

10. Get social. Shake up your weeknight routine by inviting a friend over to share coffee and dessert, or even start a group around a common interest. If a book club sounds too serious, get creative — how about a wine- and cheese-tasting club, a periodical society to discuss favorite magazines, a film club or a crafts night?

Decorate With Intention: Let Your House Help You De-Stress

11. Make your bed every morning. Sometimes one simple thing can make your whole day go more smoothly, and I’ve found that making the bed is definitely one of those things. No matter how rushed your mornings, taking a moment to smooth those covers will give you a sense that things are in order.

12. Develop a simple 10-minute bedtime routine. Before turning in, take just 10 minutes to walk through the house putting things in their places. Run the dishwasher, toss laundry in baskets, put away books and papers, and set out your clothes and bag for the next day.

7 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers Using Stencils

Do you have a piece of plain old furniture that could use a makeover? Stenciling your furniture may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Layering a gold pattern on top of a clean white table or decorating a metal filing cabinet with a pretty pattern can give your furniture the fresh new look you’ve been dreaming of.

Check out these 7 stencil makeovers that will take your furniture from basic to beautiful!

1. Wood Vanity Table

Your vanity table should be just as pretty as you are. This stenciled lattice design in gold metallic turned a $10 table into a snazzy setting.

2. Flea Market Find Facelift

This trash turned to treasure with the help of a little sanding, paint, rope drawer pulls, and most importantly stenciled numbers displaying a special date.

3. Herringbone Table

If you’re a sucker for gold and wood stain, you’ll love this furniture makeover! A herringbone vinyl stencil spray painted in gold metallic completed this trendy side table.

4. Flowered Filing Cabinet

Metal filing cabinets are chunky and bland, but this fully flowered, chalk painted, and stenciled filing cabinet transformed an eyesore into an eye-catching decor piece.

5. White Armoire

Customize an old piece of furniture into something brand new by adding a stencil design on top of some fresh coats of paint! Get the pattern used in this armoire makeover, here.

6. Metal Rolling Cart

This West Elm inspired cart was created from a vintage metal rolling cart refurbished into a gold metallic masterpiece.

7. Beach Inspired Porch Sideboard

With a light and airy look, this porch sideboard received a stencil makeover for a beach-themed space.

The most popular outside Paint shades

Converting the shade scheme of your house’s exterior is one of the fastest methods to offer your own home a face-elevate, whether you’re preparing to list it on the market or simply need to boom diminish enchantment (or both!). You is probably amazed on the quantity of outside factors at play that you ought to recollect before you select a coloration scheme. things like the hue of your brick chimney (is your brick more orange or brown?), the coloration your neighbor chose for his or her residence, and your region of the u . s . a . can all affect a colour scheme. Plus, you’ll possibly need to coordinate at the least 3 colours — for the siding, trim, and accents. And that is a huge funding, so it’s not very smooth to exchange in case you don’t love the quit end result, making what looks like a easy decision trickier than you may have anticipated.

We talked to color corporations to get records on their bestselling outdoors paint colorations, then consulted with colour experts on what to don’t forget while planning your property’s shade palette.


1. The roof

if you have a brown roof, steer towards a warm siding coloration, like Sherwin-Williams’ road Tan. when you have a grey or black roof, you may pass cooler — Olympic’s Coast of Maine is a popular choice. Take a step returned and have a look at some other constant, unpaintable elements on your property’s outdoors, like copper awnings, stone chimneys, and brick capabilities.

2. don’t forget your pals

If one house next door to yours is navy-blue and every other is white, you shouldn’t veer into warm-colour territory or paint your private home army-blue or white (no one likes a copycat). rather, suit their domestic’s coloration depth. something like Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood grey might pair well: It stays within the cool spectrum and doesn’t reproduction their alternatives. You want to have character however not stand out in a terrible manner.

three. Don’t ignore neighborhood cues

beyond the colors to your block, perform a little studies (you can likely simply force round your metropolis!) to make certain your colour scheme is traditionally and locally suitable. “imagine the colours you notice on houses in Key West,” says Amy Krane, an architectural colour representative. “red and turquoise sense natural in a tropical region however would be entirely out of location in the Midwest.”

4. preserve scale and depth in thoughts

The shade of your own home can trick the eye. for instance, painting your property a light coloration like Benjamin Moore’s November Rain could make it appear large than it’s far and visually brings it ahead to the scale down. Conversely, darkish shades could make a home appearance smaller but greater giant and set back — Benjamin Moore’s Boston Brick has this effect.

5. check earlier than you devote

constantly paint a check patch and observe it at distinct instances of day to see how the daylight affects it. keep in mind that all colors will always seem lighter on the outdoors of your property than on a paint chip in the store. “natural lighting fixtures makes the entirety seem lighter and brighter,” says paint shade expert Kristie Barnett. “continually go darker than you believe you studied you’d need.”


The high-quality colors for trim

A house’s trim color is easy to miss if it marries properly with the rest of the residence but impossible to ignore if the coloration is even slightly off. Trim that’s matched precisely to the siding color can experience flat; dark trim, particularly round windows, could make them appear small or oddly framed.

1. hold it inside the own family

for that reason, a secure bet is to pick out a trim color sun shades lighter or darker from the siding color or to hold it simple with a fresh white or cream shade. Sherwin-Williams’ Panda White and PPG Paints’ Oatmeal are popular selections for decent-tone homes; Benjamin Moore’s Frostine is an option for cool-hued homes.

2. Use trim to combo

understand that less-attractive elements of your property, like gutters, storage doorways, or vents, should be painted the same shade as your trim in order that they mixture in. picking a trim colour may be difficult, so that is an possibility to speak to a seasoned — see if the paint company you’re running with has preselected colour palettes primarily based on architectural style or coloration variety. those may be rather useful when matching your trim to your siding.


Now for the a laugh component: accent colorings

once you’ve chosen the muse in your palette — the siding and trim colorings — it’s time to have some fun playing up the accents, just like the the front door, shutters, and different architectural info. accessory hues present an possibility to make a statement and differentiate your property out of your pals’ houses.

1. preserve it conventional

on the subject of the front doors, some colours will in no way exit of fashion: Behr’s Black Lacquer, as an example, or a pink door like Glidden’s Rusty red. Or pick a shade that gives a nod to a traditional: some thing like Sherwin-Williams’ Indigo Batik is just like navy-blue, but the grey undertone is slightly greater contemporary and sparkling.

2. look inside

except coordinating your front door together with your siding and trim, when picking a color, recollect the interior of your property, says colour consultant Barbara Jacobs. “For one among my clients, as soon as you opened the the front door, they’d a beautiful oriental rug and piece of artwork,” says Jacobs. “We pulled a lilac coloration from those elements to apply on the the front door, and it created a beautiful effect as you entered their domestic.” colours like Benjamin Moore’s notable Nova and Breath of clean Air are unexpected shades that could ooze this effect.

three. upload extra shade

other architectural info can in shape the front door, however they provide another possibility to introduce a brand new hue. Barnett says it’s clever to drag different accessory colours from fixed elements on the home. “if you have orangey brick on the bottom of your house, you could do a copper-color shutter,” she says. Or, a shade like Behr’s Cinnabark would work properly with dark brick. “when you have a black roof, you could do black shutters and a pop of color in your front door. anything you choose, through syncing those information, it seems like you had a plan!”

Decorating ideas to Take Your dwelling Room to the following degree

Because the location you visit unwind, chat with friends and circle of relatives, and entertain, the living room has to walk the road among great style and utter consolation — not constantly such an smooth undertaking. whether or not your residing room just wishes that crowning glory to convey the whole thing collectively or a bit greater assist, those decorating thoughts can create a space you will be proud to expose off and happy to come home to.

the way to start a adorning challenge

1. Get the proper-size rug. a plush rug underfoot feels cozy and inviting — and in terms of living room rugs, bigger is absolutely higher. A rug that all your fixtures can take a seat on is right, however at the least the the front ft of every principal piece of furniture need to be at the rug. if you already have a too-small rug, you may always layer it on top of a big (less expensive) strong colour or natural fiber rug in a impartial hue.

Silver Lake Hills

Tip: most widespread-length living rooms can handle an 8-by using-10-foot rug, so until your living room is particularly tiny, don’t forget springing for an eight-through-10 (or larger) rug for a clearly comfy, completed look. larger residing rooms (just like the one shown here) may also want a ten-by using-12 or even larger rug to correctly fill the space.

Kirkland, WA Living Room

2. customise your shelving. A wall of shelving, whether custom-constructed or free-standing, is useful and makes a design statement. ground-to-ceiling shelving additionally works rather well in a small area considering that one huge, perfectly becoming piece makes a room appearance extra spacious and less cluttered than multiple smaller pieces would.

Tip: recollect adding a mixture of open cabinets and closed shelves, so that you can hide gadgets which can be less attractive (like a online game device) in the back of closed doorways. in case you are the use of unfastened-status shelving, make certain to have it well anchored to the wall for protection.


3. hold a low pendant. An oversize pendant light makes a welcome exchange from the usual mix of floor lamps and flush-mount ceiling furnishings. striking the light low over the espresso table creates a heat and convivial verbal exchange region that beckons humans to sit down and live awhile.

Tip: If you like to frequently rearrange your living room furnishings, a low-placing pendant light is probably not the pleasant preference. no person desires to run into a random light fixture even as looking to traverse the room!

4. style up surfaces. a mix of 3 elements — flat, vertical and natural — is what you want to create preparations that move above and past the same old stack of books. do this formula to style surfaces like console tables, cabinets and espresso tables.

Flat: Books, trays, platters, textiles
Vertical: Framed art, vases, sculptures
organic: flora, flora, driftwood, stones, shells

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers, Holiday House Hamptons 2014

5. strive a new sofa form. The shape of your sofa units the tone for the living room. better, greater dependent sofas (like the chesterfield) are commonly more formal, while decrease, squishier sofas generally tend to provide a extra laid-returned vibe. Low modular sofas (just like the one proven right here) are ideal for lounging and can be reconfigured to match the hobby. you can face them all one direction for film night, for example, but flip them to create multiple communication regions for a celebration.

6. supply your antique couch a brand new look. in preference to splashing out on an all-new sofa, you can deliver your vintage sofa a makeover instead. take a look at with the producer to peer if any slipcovers are made for it; if not, you can lease someone domestically to create a custom slipcover for you. Or, for a absolutely brief trade, take a fabulous fabric (like a Moroccan wedding blanket) and drape and tuck it over the returned of your sofa.

7. keep ground space with sconces. honestly, sconces do greater than keep ground area: in the course of a celebration, whilst you want to create a moodier environment, direct the sconces to shine to your artwork and bump up the mild some place else with candles.

spencer avenue

eight. Tighten up the coloration palette. A well-described shade scheme can make your living room look cleaner, extra organized and deliberately designed. decide on one heritage neutral shade, one characteristic color and a smaller accessory hue, then get to paintings ridding your area of any objects that don’t match within your selections.

Tip: Take a image of your dwelling room to get a sparkling perspective. whilst you take a look at the photograph, the colours found in your residing room may be extra obvious.

Classic Contemporary apartment

9. Layer textures. in case your living room nevertheless simply doesn’t experience pretty finished, texture could be the problem. adding in layers of texture is regularly what gives a room that livable, comfortable feeling. blend and in shape from those textures to finish your residing room:

smooth: Knit throw or pouf, cashmere blanket, mohair throw, velvet pillow covers, fake fur
herbal: home made ceramics, driftwood, stones, raw wood, burl timber
shiny: Glass vases, reflected surfaces, vibrant metal, Lucite
tough: Linen, burlap, herbal fiber rugs along with jute or sisal, sea grass or wicker fixtures
smooth: leather pouf, leather-based sofa or chair, polished wooden

Pretty Penthouse

10. extend the space with a big reflect. A large mirror is, in essence, like adding some other window to your room, making your dwelling room sense lighter and extra spacious. increase the impact even extra by positioning flowers or a lamp in the front of the replicate to reflect greenery and enlarge the mild.

Park Slope Brownstone

11. Take the point of interest off the television. if your room has a beautiful fire, allow that be the focal point. And in case your living room is the most effective area wherein you may put the flat display screen, position it to the aspect on a swivel mount, in preference to above the mantel. That manner you may nonetheless conveniently watch tv whilst you want, however when it’s not in use, the display can step back from middle level.

Some Home decoration tips for your beautiful home

All of us like to live in a healthy, neat and well decorated home. In our busy lifestyle we rarely find time to even eat properly and here we are talking about home decorating. It’s not like you have to give this a complete day or so, there are little things that you can do to make your home look nice and ready for guests. But before we get on to the daily home maintenance thing, let’s talk more about buying furniture and stuff that helps your home look more elegant and standard.

Choosing the right furniture and other appliances

Interior designers focus too much on the color scheme of the house and the furniture along with extra accessories. Now, we know you won’t just go on changing your complete furniture after reading this article but still, we have some things which if added, can make your house even more attractive.

Besides the usual sofa, dining table, center table what you can add are ottomans, though they are a little expensive but can add great texture to your home. If you are planning to change your existing sofa sets, invest in recliners, they provide the best comfort, are adjustable and add a sheer class to your house. If you are trying to redesign your house in a compact space, get a sofa cum bed, Pepperfry offers a wide range of sofa cum beds that you can get mounted on wall or simply extend a sofa to make it a bed.

If you are about to invest in a dining table, there is an awesome design trending in the market, which has a ‘POOL’ table under a dining table. You just have to slide the upper plywood of the dining table and it will become a ‘POOL’ table, quite a innovative thought this is.

Adding other small wooden furniture and decorative things

Wooden shelves are excellent in giving a contrast to the center wall of your house, there are many choices available in the online market, you can choose from book shelves to shelves for handling showpieces, if you have a light colored wall choose a dark shelve and vice versa.

Wall decals; want a particular part of your hall or room to attract attention? Put on a wall decal, the cheapest way to make a wall look completely different than others and to get appraisals from people.

Paintings, wind chimes, religious sculptures add a great deal of contrast in the look of your home; these are what make your home somewhat different than others. Almost every household has a set of sofa; chairs, dining table and curtains, but these small things make the actual difference.

If you are a fan of online shopping you would very well know that you can purchase all these from various platforms online at good prices and along with warranty too. Discounts using fabfurnish discount coupons and other deals will help you get this stuff at very reasonable price and at the comfort of your home.

Rattan Vs. Wicker: Which is Best for Your Backyard

Although they’re often mistaken for being all but identical, the differences between rattan and wicker furniture are surprisingly significant. Particularly when it comes to something as display-oriented and subject to undesirable conditions as patio furniture, any home owner will want to stop and consider the drawbacks and advantages to both.

Wicker can safely be regarded as a ‘style’ of furniture construction, whereas rattan furniture is more appropriately thought of as a base material. Although some parts of rattan palm trees can be incorporated into wicker-style furniture, wicker also can include a much wider array of materials, even extending to ‘artificial’ ones like plastic. As a result, wicker has durability options that may beat out the rattan core weaves.

Perhaps the most significant environmental factor when choosing between the two is simple sunshine. No matter how well made it is, rattan wood-based chairs and tables always will fade over prolonged exposure to the sun, whereas some wicker options will avoid any potential discolorations. ‘Synthetic’ wicker products, such as those using resin wicker, are the clear winners in all weather wicker patio furniture.

However, rattan has its own arguments, primarily centering around sheer aesthetics. If you’re interested in creating a natural theme in home decorating, rattan is one of your top choices for a material that doesn’t cost as much as pine or other hardwoods.

In either case, both rattan and non-rattan wicker furnishings offer an easily-overlooked advantage: extremely light weight. With average chair weights of under ten pounds, but capacities of over two hundred, you don’t need to worry about your patio furniture falling over on a pet or toddler, nor fret over the difficulties of shuffling furniture for spring cleaning. Ordering from a website like Wicker Paradise ensures you can take advantage of free shipping inside the US too.

The Ultimate Open House Checklist: Dining Room Edition

Staged dining room

Open-concept living destroyed the dining room. What used to be a separate space has been swallowed up by the living room, which itself is now merely an extension of the kitchen. The delineation of space by columns, arches, or french doors is now often accomplished by a mere area rug.

Still, defining your dining space is important for an open house, to help potential buyers visualize how they might live there. But how far to go in staging? To set the table or not to set the table? We answer that important question—and more!—in the checklist below:

Don’t set the table. This isn’t West Elm. Just eliminate the clutter (all the clutter), and present a bare table with a simple vase of fresh flowers or bowl of citrus. Now, if your table is riddled with water stains, a simple tablecloth is in order.

Do extend it. Pull out those extra leaves to make your table look as big as possible—but don’t overdo it! There should be enough room around the table and chairs to walk freely. If there isn’t, well, maybe don’t extend the table.

Replace the chandelier. You’d be amazed by how many deals have fallen through over chandelier disputes. So, rather than have a buyer fall in love with your family heirloom and insist that you include it with the sale, just replace it. Switch out any custom, antique, or outrageously expensive lighting that you plan to take with you. It’s not worth the fight.

Hide the china. Not out of fear anyone will steal it, but because it’s distracting. If you have plates displayed as wall art, take them down. Again, keep it simple.

Polish everything. The buffet, the china cabinet—all wood surfaces and chairs should be polished to a high shine. A microfiber cloth and a bottle of Old English furniture polish (not the beer) will perform wonders.

Let’s Put Some Color Back in the Kitchen

Colorful modern kitchen

Growing up, I watched every episode of “Grace Under Fire.” The show’s heroine, Grace Kelly, had a small robin’s-egg blue refrigerator in her kitchen. It was old and had a single door and rounded edges—I loved it. After every kitchen scene I thought, “I’m going to have a fridge just like that in my house.”

Later in the series, the refrigerator was painted white. Suddenly, the cheery blue appliance I’d been coveting for years looked just like any old fridge. I was devastated.

That trauma lasted well into adulthood. Grown-up me, clutching childhood dreams of colorful kitchens, just knew she’d be able to find a blue fridge, or maybe avocado green, or even a nice earthy yellow. Instead, I found a sea of metal.

Cold, sharp-angled stainless-steel appliances stared back at me everywhere I went: in friends’ homes, home improvement stores, even used appliance stores.

Grace Kelly in her kitchen in “Grace Under Fire”

Grace, in her kitchen

I wanted something more playful, something that would match my personality and create a focal point in the kitchen. Where did all the color go? To find out, I needed a history lesson.

Colorful appliances, as it turned out, first came on the scene in the 1950s.

“This was the era of color TV, so when armed with this powerful new visual tool, designers and appliance manufacturers marketed everything with that in-color angle,” says Diana Hathaway Timmons, color expert and design consultant in the Tacoma, WA, metro area.

Eclectic Kitchen

Anthony Perez via

Eclectic Kitchen

Marketing wizards pushed color hard.

“Decor ads back then went as far as to market their appliance colors to match your wardrobe or favorite shoes,” Timmons says. And it worked. From the multihued variations in the ’50s and ’60s, to the earthy tones in the ’70s, color hung in.

That is, until the early ’80s, when color started to fall out of fashion.

“This is when you saw less Harvest Gold and more almond and beige appliances,” says Timmons.

Chic and modern farmhouse

Corynne Pless via

Chic Modern Farmhouse

But those pale neutrals didn’t last long either. Soon consumers were leaning toward black and white appliances again. Stainless steel first showed up in the ’90s, according to Timmons, but it didn’t really take off until TV intervened, again, to change people’s tastes.

“Fueled by the popularity of the Food Network, cooking and entertaining at home in a commercial-style kitchen drove the stainless-steel appliance movement,” says Timmons.

Suddenly, everyone wanted sleek stainless steel. And home buyers started to expect it.

So had I really already lost the battle? Had manufacturers finally given up on unique style? Not entirely.

Manufacturers still make new color creations for the don’t-want-to-overpay masses from time to time. Following in the footsteps of tech giants, some appliance companies have adopted “ice white.” Sometimes other metallic finishes such as shimmery gold and dark bronze show up, but they don’t have a big impact.

“It won’t shake the hold stainless steel has,” Timmons says. “The perception still is, stainless equals high-end.”

But what about the robin’s-egg blue, cherry, and avocado shades of my childhood dream home?

Lake house barn-wood bar

Drew Steven via

Lake House Barnwood Bar

It is a fringe market, but some colorful appliance creations still exist. After an online opinion poll, General Electric announced plans to make its retro GE Artistry line in two new shades: Cupcake Blue and Red Pepper.

Vintage design master Big Chill also makes its Mid-Century Modern fridge in several amazing colors such as Pink Lemonade, Jadite Green, Buttercup Yellow, and Beach Blue.

The Beach Blue looks almost identical to Grace’s old kitchen fridge—it gets my heart pounding.

Traditional kitchen

Big Chill via

Traditional kitchen

But getting those unique colors will cost you.

GE is raising the base price of its Artistry line from $1,200 to $1,500 for the color options, according to CNET. Big Chill comes with a shiver-inducing $2,995 price tag.

So what’s a (kind of cheap) girl to do?

Paint: If you already have a boring stainless-steel fridge, there are painting contractors out there who will paint your refrigerator, Timmons says. It may not be the cheapest option, but you’ll save over the “custom” colors of the higher-end models.

Go magnetic: Magnets don’t stick to true stainless steel, but if you have a painted fridge, you can change the color with magnetic fronts. These fronts are designed to cover the entire door, making a big change, according to Timmons.

Decals: Not ready for a drastic change? Sites such as Etsy offer vinyl decals in an endless variety of styles and colors. Sure, it isn’t a complete color change, but you can choose patterns and designs as well.

As for me, I think I’ll turn on some “Grace Under Fire” reruns and dream of a more colorful time.

How to Decorate an Oddly Shaped Room

All those features the realtor called “distinctive” before you bought the house have a tendency to turn just plain obnoxious when the time comes to decorate. But not everyone has the space and resources to go all HGTV on their floor plan. Learn to love (or tolerate) your not-so-standard spaces with these tips.

Fireplace-and-furniture-placement-1285For a long, narrow room

If you have a bowling alley of a room, you’re not necessarily out of luck. The trick? Just because there isn’t a wall somewhere in the middle doesn’t mean you have to think of this room as one continuous space.

Use furniture to make a division of sorts, or area rugs to block out each end into its own space.  Also keep in mind that light, cool colors tend to recede, while warm, dark colors pop forward. Using them in combination (on the long walls and short walls, respectively) can help balance out the room.

2315705263_31d3aa21ba_zFor a small room

The trick to keeping a small room from looking even smaller is to pay attention to the size and scale of your furniture—anything that takes up a lot of perceived space can dwarf the whole room by comparison.

If your small room is a bedroom, wave goodbye to king-sized beds and giant wardrobes. In a living room, get used to curling up on a loveseat instead of an over-stuffed, full sized couch.  Avoid full-sized coffee tables and table lamps, and even large-printed bedspreads or carpets. Light colors on the wall can help a room feel airy, but keep in mind that too many colors can make a small room seem more cluttered than actually it is.

Dormer-windows-attic-bedroomFor a room with slanted walls/ceilings

If you live in an older house, odds are you have a couple wonky places where your upstairs living space meets the roof.  These slants can make a room feel more cramped, but that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on usable space–don’t be afraid to put it to work. Tuck a bench into a dormer window or a desk under that wall on which you would normally crack your head.

Some people choose to play up features like these by painting the dormer or slant a slightly different color than the rest of the room, but you may just want it to disappear, especially if the room is already small. Carrying a light, neutral wall color onto the ceiling (or a ceiling color onto the walls) can help a lot. Without a second color to break up the wall, your eye travels upward much easier, making the room feel taller.

97For one big room. (And that’s it)

Studio apartments, right? If you’re in a big city, they can be some of the most affordable living spaces around, but also the most intimidating to decorate. Like with a long narrow room, you’re going to need to stop thinking about your studio as a single room and start breaking it up into smaller living spaces.

This might seem counter-intuitive, as many studios are also tight on room, but having a few clearly defined living areas can actually make your apartment flow better. So instead of pushing all your furniture against the walls, position your couch perpendicular to one and section off the living room, or use a bookcase to separate your eating area from your bedroom.

One good takeaway from all this? Play to your “unique” room’s positives and try to avoid thinking that by treating it like a more standard space, it will become one.