Body Fat and your health

Our body is made up of many components among which fat is unavoidable. Many presume fat in general is very dangerous to our health. But there are two types of fat – lean mass fat and unwanted body fat. The former fat content is absolutely necessary for our body to perform routine functions. The later one, is the unwanted fat content which when adding up leads to obesity. Being obese can lead to many complications such as blood pressure, arthritis and at times can lead to stroke. Hence when not considered properly this fat can lead to death as well. The awareness of balancing healthy body starts with excess weight loss and people are gaining more knowledge about this in recent days.

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What is Phentermine?

There are many ways to loss unwanted body fat and get a toned body. Among this diet and regular physical exercise tops the chart. But it is not always possible to get the desired results only with these two types of practice. For people who are not able to achieve their goa with these two techniques additional methods are required. The weight loss supplements play a vital role for these people’s goal. As years progressed, many started using these supplements and is also being viewed as a short cut for weight loss. One such product is called phentermine which aids people in weight loss. Many products in this range works in different methods to help people lose their weight. This product phentermine helps to control our appetite and boosts our metabolic rate. The increase in metabolic rates increases protein synthesis which acts as a major catalyst for lipid cells or fat cells break down. As more the energy produced more the fat burning process. One such phentermine product is Superenza. This product is marketed heavily and you can get samples of Suprenza 30 mg from retail medical store once prescription is shown.

Who can use this and what is expected outcome?

Many users who target to lose weight can use this product. However, like other products in the same line, this product will not help to bulk up. Hence professionals such as weight lifters and body builders will have to use this product during cutting phase to lose extra fat and combine this drug with another drug that can act on lean muscles and build it up. But users need to be very cautious and get the dosages and recommendation of using combination product from a qualified physician before starting with the dosages.

What are normal dosages?

Dosages should be carefully followed when taking this product. This is available in retail medical shops only on prescription. It is believed that this product when taken regularly is responsible for release of catecholamine in the hypothalamus which is central part of the human brain. This part is what controls appetite among other functions. Dosages for each person differs from age to their goal. The dosages for a single person is prescribed by the doctor. Any irregularities or prolonged dosages this product can become psychostimulants. This term means that this product has the capability to induce temporary disruption of normal physical and mental functions. This product is typically available in capsule form. You can even get samples of Suprenza 30mg if you are a beginner. Dosage of 30 mg per day is seen as normal for starters.

Anabolic Steroids- Blessing in disguise

Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the androgen (male hormone) testosterone that are majorly used by cliniciansand athletes. “Anabolism” is a biosynthetic processwhich uses energy to differentially retain nitrogen in lean body mass, either through prompting protein synthesis and/or lowering the breakdown of protein in the body. Androgens are also known to exert their effects in areas other than the reproductive tissues, such as muscle, bone, hair follicles in the skin, liver, kidneys, and the haematopoietic, immune and central nervous systems.

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Major benefits

Exploitation of each available resource to enhance one’s physical appearance has been an age old practise amongst humans. With the advances in medicine,drugs became an easiersource toaugment physical performance and have been in use ever since. In the present day, individuals both athletes and non-athletestrickling down to collegiate, high school, and even junior high levels continue to employ a wide range of substances, including anabolic- steroids, in the hope of enhancing their performance and appearance. These enable athletes to keep lean tissue due to their high anabolic potential.Steroids have been used to treat a host of conditions clinically as well, which includes several forms of anaemia, wounds and burns, protein-calorie malnutrition, severe burns, osteoporosis. Several derivatives of testosterone are also aimed to be used against Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and even prostate cancer in men or hirsuitism in women.

Common anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids preparations generally involve the modifications of androgens so as to minimize their androgenic properties and make them purely anabolic for promoting fat-free muscle synthesis.Numerous steroids have successfullymade their way as pharmaceutical preparations in the market worldwide, for example, methandienone, methyltestosterone, oxandrolone and stanozolol. Some of the preparations of oxandrolonehave gained more fame because of their use by sports competitors and bodybuilders in particular while some others like boldenone and trenbolone are restricted to veterinary purposes only.Oxandrolone has an indirect way of action wherein it helps promote anabolism by triggering the production of testosterone in the body. Often doctors prescribe this steroid along with other medicines to compensate for the weight loss caused by surgery, injury, infection or any other medical conditions. Oxandrolone owes its reputation to the wide range of functions it performs as an anabolic agent.

Administration and mechanism of action

Oxandrolone is commercially available as tablets and is administered orally while some others are administered by means of intramuscular injections also.These particularly exert their effects by binding to androgen receptors on the cells, stimulating production of RNA,eventually increasing rate of protein synthesis. Not only are these drugs known to have anabolic actions, they also show significant anticatabolic effect.Oxandrolone acts by increasing an athlete’s aggressiveness and leads to gain in strength, produces euphoria, or lessenone’s sense of fatigue during training which together enables athletes to keep lean tissue.

As Hippocrates said, “Everything in excess is opposed to nature” similarly profligate use of anabolic steroids may have adverse effects and the users must be aware of such fallouts common amongst which are increase in sexual drive, incidence of acne vulgaris, increased body hair and increment of aggressive behaviour hence a moderation in doses is the key to best results.

Making Use of Ketone Supplements the Right Way

In matters of weight loss the individuals are always in look for the miraculous solutions. Apart from the diet you have and the exercise chart you follow it is important that you take to the consumption of the perfect supplemental alternative to shred weight at the fastest. You can call raspberry ketones as active ingredients for the reason of weight loss and the formula is much popular in UK and other parts of the worlds. However, the ingredient is not taken along. It is successfully stacked with the other active compounds available in the market. There is the sort of chemical compound in the raspberry ketones and it has been perfectly designed for the burning and breaking down of the fat content.

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Right Diet with Ketone Supplements

For sometimes ketones were banned in the UK. However, it is a proven fact that in case you have faulty dietary habits none of the supplement pills can recover from the bad shape. In case you are not having the right food along with the supplement you will never be able to shred those extra pounds. This way it is going to be difficult and you exactly don’t know what to do and which food to eat along with the supplement.

Ketones for Suppressing Hunger

The raspberry ketone is known to cause successful suppression of the feeling of hunger. It can even cause boosting of the energy level and at the same time it helps to burn fat with all success. The ketone supplement is made of the eight safe and the natural compounds. Obesity is not just a problem in one country. It is happening in all parts of the world. Wrong food intake and faulty lifestyle are causing unwanted increase in weight and this happens to hinder the normal flow of life. You tend to lack the strength and fitness and now you are not able to do things normally with the bulk weight possession.

Effect of Ketone on Obesity

In order to avoid obesity you have to stop the intake of the processed food and contribute to the amount of daily physical activity. Thus, people in United Kingdom have become vigilant in matters of losing weight systematically. This is the reason most people here take to the consumption of the ketone supplemental pills for that desirable reduction in weight and amount of body fat. They even make choices in having the proper food variety and they have to make considerations in matters of contemplating weight loss.

Supplemental Nature of Ketone

The ketone supplement has received immense attention in the last few years. You come to know about the supplement from the popular talk shows and you can even read about the same in the magazines. It is known that for sometime ketones were banned in the UK. This may be due to the adverse effects caused by the supplement. Ketones don’t work in the right way if you are not able to decide on the dosage of the supplement. The right amount of the compound entering the body can obviously cause the difference.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection – A knowhow

Testosterone cypionate is the common medication when it comes to injections. The medication is available in many forms like creams, gels, transdermal patches, and injections. It is available in 200 mg per millimeter and 100 mg per millimeter of androgenic hormone solutions. Depo testosterone is the very popular brand and it is expensive too.

Based on the deficiency and therapy the indications of use are decided. Deficiency may be natural testosterone or endogenous testosterone. It is mainly used in the treatment of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and primary hypogonadism eithey it is congenital or acquired. The injuries of hypothalamus and pituitary glands caused due to tumors, trauma, and radiation can also be treated with this steroid.

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Side effects of using testosterone cypionate injections:

When there is need for boost in testosterone levels in men, testosterone cypionate injections are the commonly recommended therapies. But before starting the dose or before deciding to take this one should clearly understand its effect on the body.

Monitoring the adequate dosage of the steroid testosterone cypionate must be done by a physician. One of the side effects experienced by men is enlargement of breast or gynecomastia. Some may also experience issues related to prostate like prostate cancer or prostate hypertrophy.

If an individual is already suffering from prostate gland cancer or breast cancer then they should avoid this drug. It is better to be avoided by people having serious cardiac conditions, hepatic disease, and renal disease.

Side effects may not be experienced by everyone taking testosterone cypionate injection. The common side effects reported are edema or swelling around the ankles, skin color changes, nausea, and prolonged or frequent erection.

There is chance that testosterone cypionate, the exogenous androgen injections injection may interact with other drugs and medicines which the individual is taking along with this. Mainly one should be careful about oral anticoagulants. If the individual has diabetes then he may experience side effects related to metabolism like more insulin requirements and reduced blood glucose levels. So, before going for TRTs one should explain their medical condition to the physician clearly to avoid severe side effects in future.

One should always understand the dosage of this steroid clearly and the effects that will be caused by this should be discussed with physicians well in advance. The testosterone cypionate injection affects the body in several ways. It affects nervous system and caused depression, headache, anxiety, and decreased libido. It even has urogenital effects. It affects endocrine that leads to variations and duration in frequency of erections. Its integumentary effects can lead to baldness, acne, and seborrhea. Jaundice and nausea are the results of testosterone cypionate’s effects on gastrointestinal system.

Because of its potential misuse and abuse, testosterone is considered as a controlled substance and classified into Schedule III class. One must also use proper needle size when taking testosterone cypionate and it must be injected to intramuscular. The dosage must be decided based on patient’s response to the drug, his age, the disorder for which it is prescribed, and his medical condition.

How To Make A Mole Michelada

Hasta la vista, Bloody Marys. It seems that the day of the Michelada has finally come, and if you take a look around, you’ll see that it has conquered.


How could it not? You can stack a bunch of jalapeno poppers on a skewer and use it to stir your Bloody Mary any day. But a Michelada made with delicious Mexican mole?That is definitely something you don’t see every day.

We teamed up with one of our most paletted pals in the history of the universe, Chef Linh Nguyen, to create this custom Mole Michelada. Made with Modelo Negra, chipotle “morita” chile peppers, chocolate bitters, coffee dust, and garnished with chocolate covered bacon and orange supreme—this drink is dark.

It’s the darkest of dark horses and will be the dark horse that ultimately earns the Michelada the throne over the Bloody Mary. In this Michelada’s case, that darkness can be attributed its beautiful, flavorful combination of the chocolate and mole flavors, as well as the Modelo Negra—essential.

Let freedom ring, let Micheladas reign supreme, keep calm and make a Modelo Mole Michelada.

Bon Appetit’s Controversial ‘Pho Is New Ramen’ Video Removed After Massive Backlash


A video launched on Bon Appetit that left the Asian community livid. Tyler Akin, owner of Stocked. in Philadelphia, was featured in Bon Appetite Magazine’s latest food video. The nearly two-minute video was an interview with Akin explaining the “proper” technique to eat the popular Vietnamese noodle dish pho, which he believes is on atrendy rise.

After a little more than 24 hours on the website Bon Appetit removed the video altogether, both from their Facebook and YouTube channels.

While we’re scrambling to find some footage for you guys, here’s the deets:

The chef claims that adding hoisin sauce or Sriracha, two staples iconic to the dish, would ruin the broth and that he doesn’t mess around with it. Patrons are supposed to try spoonfuls of the broth first before thinking of reaching for the black and red bottles. Ironically, the chef soon adds that he’ll drown that broth in as much lime juice as he can get his hands on.

Still, as someone who grew up eating Pho for nearly three decades, there’s really no wrong way to eat it. The beauty of the dish is that it’s just broth and noodles, with toppings and condiments served on the side. This lets the you create a dish that’s best for you and your taste buds.

Akin also calls pho the new ramen pretty early into the video. Never mind that the dishes are completely different and from two separate cultures. We can’t help but think of this scene from the King of the Hill:

We’re sure Bon Appetit’s intentions were well, but the Facebook video drew some heated comments from Asian followers regarding the cultural insensitivity of the content. Some of them were just savage, with Facebook users threatening to come into Akin’s restaurant and dousing his establishment with hoisin and sriracha.

With more than one million views, the video went viral, forcing Bon Appetit to go back and clarify the meaning of their article, before just removing it altogether hours later.

11 Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

Food and sex have had a complicated relationship over the years, almost as complicated as your own love life. Taking someone out to dinner is a fail-safe date, and makingdinner at your own place is that much more impressive. There are even foods meant to boost your libido, like shellfish and avocados.

But, as with every relationship, food and sex have their disagreements, too.

Yep, there are foods that do a pretty good job of turning you and your partner off, rather than on. And if that’s not really the mood you’re looking to set for your big date Saturday night, then you’ll want to avoid eating these 11 foods that will kill your sex drive.


Cheese Platter

While cheese platters might be a classy way to impress your date, they’re also a one-way ticket to abstinence-ville. Population: You. The multitudes of hormones in dairy products, like cheese, might mess with your hormone levels, including estrogen and testosterone.

And when your hormones are askew, it’s likely that your sex drive won’t be at its strongest.



Skip the pre-kiss gum, guys; the menthol in mint lowers testosterone, which in turn depletes your sex drive. Try a fruitier flavor to keep your breath and your libido fresh.


Corn Flakes

Good advice for that early breakfast date? (Hey, there are weirder things.) If you and your date are meeting in the morning (or maybe you’re still together from the night before…) skip this bland breakfast cereal. Otherwise, you’ll have a much less enjoyable, uh, morning grind.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who invented corn flakes, believed that sweet or spicy foods inflamed the passions, and sought to depress the libido with a bland, sugarless cereal. The reasoning behind his diabolical experiment is unknown. However, it’s unlikely that Kellogg created a cereal so bland that it makes sex unappealing; more likely, it’s the carbs and grains in this cereal that kill your drive.


Coffee Cup

Planning on, uh, pulling an all-nighter? Not with coffee, you’re not. If coffee makes you jittery, then you should not be drinking it before having sex. Your increased anxiety from the caffeine intake will lower your sex drive, as people with caffeine sensitivity have most likely experiences.



This one might seem surprising, considering that chocolate has been well-known as an aphrodisiac for years. While this may hold true for women, men are singing a different tune when it comes to chocolate and sex; chocolate actually lowers testosterone levels, lowering male sex drive dramatically.

Sorry dudes, leave the boxes of chocolate to the ladies.



Having your date over to Netflix and chill? Skip the microwavable popcorn. Definitely for the sake of your sex drive, but also for some more serious health reasons. Chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid found in the bag’s lining can not only kill your libido, but over the long term even cause prostate problems in men.

Switch to stove top corn, fellas. Still romantic and delicious, minus the unpronounceable chemical that’s slowly killing your prostate.


Smaller Soy

This one isn’t all bad — for women, at least. Soy has high levels of estrogen, which means that ingesting soy products prior to sex will boost a woman’s libido significantly.

However, for men, the opposite can be said. Eating soy boosts a man’s estrogen levels, doing a pretty good job of ending his sex drive pretty much on the spot.


Fried Food

We’d like to think that Mickey D’s is not your go-to dinner date spot. If, for whatever reason, it is, you’re essentially sabotaging your love life. Fried foods and foods that are high in fat (which, yes, means fast food in most cases) leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Shockingly, that’s not very sexy.

Even worse, hydrogenated fats and oils suppress male testosterone levels. That double whammy is not worth that double cheeseburger.


drinks on a bar

While bars may be a prime place for meeting people, they’re also a prime place for embarrassing sexual encounters. Of the limp kind. Sure, that last tequila shot gave you the confidence to ask someone to come home with you, but it will also reduce testosterone levels and limit sexual function in both men and women.



Skip this snack at your next movie date. Due to a natural ingredient in the candy called glycyrrhizin, eating a high amount of licorice can suppress your libido and lower testosterone levels. Granted, you would have to eat a lot of licorice for this to be a serious issue — but do you really want to risk it?


Diet soda

At this point, we all know that drinking diet soda is almost worse than drinking regular sodas. Staying fit and trim is usually good for your sex drive, but eating and drinking products with artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame, directly affect your serotonin levels, a vital hormone for the libido in both men or women.

Behold, The Return Of CANDY CORN OREOS


There’s a great divide within the office right around this time of year. No, this split isn’t because of team rivalries that come with the football season. What separates the office has nothing to do with the upcoming election, either. Rather, it’s candy corn.

The Halloween candy has a devoted following in our hallways as well as a contingent that despise the bi-colored confectionary. So imagine the resulting cheers and eye rolls when I brought a bag of Candy Corn Oreos to the office earlier today.


Found at Target, the returning Oreo variant is only available for a limited time. Oreos’ candy corn flavor features two vanilla cookies sandwiching a half yellow and half orange creme.

Here’s what a few fellow Foodbeasts had to say about the fall cookie:


I thought they were pretty good. Better than the Swedish fish ones.


For a non-candy corn guy, I think the taste is good. But I don’t think it tastes like candy corn.


It made me think they should try out a circus peanut flavor.


Candy Corn Oreos taste like Birthday Cake Oreos dressed up for Halloween.

You can find the pack in at the cookie aisle at Target for $2.99.

Cadbury owner Mondelez abandons $23bn pursuit of Hershey


Cadbury owner Mondelez has scrapped its pursuit of rival Hershey to create the world’s biggest chocolate company after failing to sweeten its $23bn (£17bn) offer enough to tempt its target to do a deal.

The failure has highlighted the power Hershey’s charitable trust wields in rebuffing unwanted interest. The trust, which controls 81pc of the company’s voting rights, was set up by Hershey’s founder more than a century ago to fund a school for underprivileged children.

Mondelez’s initial $107 per share offer was rejected in June before chief executive Irene Rosenfeld approached her opposite at Hershey, John Bilbrey, last week. She is said to have shown a willingness to raise the offer to $115 a share.

However, reports suggest that Hershey was not willing to consider a bid of less than $125 a share and was unwilling to talk while its charitable trust’s rules were being renegotiated.


Since reports of Mondelez’s bid interest surfaced two months ago, Hershey shares have been trading 20pc higher at around 111p, however they are expected to fall heavily when New York markets react to the deal’s collapse.

Ms Rosenfeld said that the Mondelez board was “disappointed with the outcome”, but decided there was “no actionable path toward an agreement”.

“Our proposal to acquire Hershey reflected our conviction that combining our two iconic American companies would create an industry leader with global scale in snacking and confectionery and a strong portfolio of complementary brands,” she said in a statement.

Jack Skelly, food analyst at Euromonitor, said: ““This will be bitterly disappointing for Mondelez and potentially embarrassing given the amount of publicity the proposed takeover generated. Given the infamously murky workings of The Hershey Trust, Mondelez must have been confident going in that they could be successful in their bid.”

Ms Rosenfeld shot to prominence in the UK after spearheading Kraft’s hardball negotiations with Cadbury. She gained notoriety for refusing to attend a Westminster inquiry into Kraft’s failure to keep its promise that it would keep the Bournville factory.


The £11.5bn, which was widely criticised as an example of British weakness in defending homegrown companies from unwanted advances, led to a rewriting of UK takeover rules.

During the takeover saga, Hershey and the Italian maker of Nutella, Ferrro, plotted to trump Kraft with a joint bid for Cadbury, but the complicated ownership structures at the two companies put a deal out of reach.


Hershey, which makes 90pc of its revenues in North America, has owned the rights to produce an American version of Cadbury’s chocolate since the late 1980s, and last year launched a legal battle to block the import of British Cadbury chocolate, which is less sweet.

The move triggered a huge outcry from British expats in the US and prompted a Vanity Fair article to suggest that chocoholics could stage a Boston Tea Party in reverse, hurling Hershey products into New York’s Hudson River.

Wondering If Steroids Are Legal in Europe? We’ve Got the Answer!

The legal situation of steroids is complicated not only in Europe, but the world over. In America, it might be easier because the countries there are fewer. The old continent instead is divided between tens of countries and each of them regulates the steroids usage differently. All of these make it difficult to determine the legal status of steroids on the continental level.

There is, however, a particular pattern that groups the countries of Europe in terms of whether they allow people to posses and use steroids. It should be considered more of tendency than rule, as majority of the countries have a complicated law regarding this issue.

Steroids in the UK

The United Kingdom is a particular case on the map of steroids in Europe. For a few decades, the bodybuilders and athletes were allowed to use steroids as they pleased without any legal consequences. However, after years, the situation changed and now these substances are primarily used as medicine that helps fight the symptoms of different conditions. Officially, steroids are not approved of and buying them demands a prescription from a GP. This is the first stumbling block in the use of these drugs, especially among those intending them for bodybuilding.

The situation of steroids in the UK is complex mainly because of the fact that the regulations are contradictory. It is not illegal to possess and use steroids without a prescription and there are hardly any consequences if a person is caught with these substances. However, the steroids were classified as the C class of drugs, which means – the least harmful ones. Because of this, possessing these substances is not illegal, but to produce them and supply the other people with them, is.


Steroids in the rest of Europe

Possessing steroids outside of the UK is not a less complicated issue. The regulations vary from one border to another and their number can be confusing. To put it simply, the rest of the countries of the old continent could be divided into “illegal”, “legal with prescription”, and “completely legal” groups.

The examples of countries where steroids are considered illegal are Norway and Sweden. In Belgium, France or Switzerland they are legal if a person have a prescription. The majority of the countries in the western Europe have the same policy as the UK – usually possession isn’t illegal, but the production and sale is. These tendencies are different in the central and eastern Europe. In countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine or even Greece, it is possible to easily obtain steroids with or without a prescription.
In brief

To simplify, there is no clear answer as to whether possessing steroids in Europe is legal or not. In the vast majority of the countries, it is not illegal to have small amounts of these substances for a personal use, but there are places where their possession is an offence. Before buying steroids in Europe, it it necessary to make a long research on their legal status in the particular country. The most recent updates coming from the official institutions are often the safest way to access this information.