Hot water bath – a most soothing experience after a tiring day

A home is being made to add the comfort and relaxation to your life, to spend quality time with friends, families in a no hurry environment. People make home to feel the pleasure of ownership and an exclusive level of joy. The interior decoration of flat also being accomplished with the aim of complete satisfaction in terms of ease, carefreeness etc. All the facilities we add to our dream home is to have a stress free life after a long working day. Above all other amenities, the bathroom space should be given the extra care. After all tiredness of the day, you must love to pamper yourself in the hot water bath which can be achieved by having spa bathtubs in the washroom. At the end of the day, nothing can be better than the best bathing experience with warm water.

A full body soak spa experience

Most of the bathtubs are designed to have a full body depth it means you can soak yourself completely for as much time as you want. These come in circular, oval, rectangular and many different shapes and sizes. You can have any one of them according to your space fits or even get customized one. The various attractive colours will make you confuse while selection.

Why select the bath tubs from an online store?

You may get very limited options in nearby stores or even in the big market. But the online stores are having a plethora of collection from which you can choose the design, colour size, and shape. These online stores can deliver the product once you have selected the one and in given time frame. Their policies are transparent and are completely reliable.

Set a perfect home based spa

An in-home spa feeling can never be such refreshing like what you feel with freestanding acrylic bathtub contemporary design. These tubs are supported by strong and freestanding construction by a built-in metal frame and adjustable height metal legs. Made up of premium acrylic, the thickness of tub is excellent for heat retention and durability.  The extra depth of this tub and thousands of healthy bubbles combined with mood setting LED Chromotherapy system allows for a truly unique experience.

Some of the important features spa bathtubs should have are –

  • Simple in operation and maintenance
  • 2 Minute Purge Cycle
  • Fully integrated with bathtub
  • Plugs into a regular household electrical outlet
  • 2 included soft gel headrests are there for absolute comfort
  • For easy installation and servicing, two removable side panels are available
  • Extra depth can add ultimate comfort
  • Made up of thick 100% heavy gauge sanitary grade precision acrylic
  • Premium acrylic and tub thickness provides for excellent heat retention
  • Over 20 low-profile air jets
  • Electronic control panel
  • Soothing hot air massage
  • Variable Speed massage with wave & pulse modes
  • Slow colour rotation or fixed colour mode is available for underwater Chromotherapy

Have a perfect experience of bathing with the contemporary style of bathroom fittings and accessories. Add joy to your life with spending some quality time in a modern design bathroom of your choice.

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