Cadbury owner Mondelez abandons $23bn pursuit of Hershey


Cadbury owner Mondelez has scrapped its pursuit of rival Hershey to create the world’s biggest chocolate company after failing to sweeten its $23bn (£17bn) offer enough to tempt its target to do a deal.

The failure has highlighted the power Hershey’s charitable trust wields in rebuffing unwanted interest. The trust, which controls 81pc of the company’s voting rights, was set up by Hershey’s founder more than a century ago to fund a school for underprivileged children.

Mondelez’s initial $107 per share offer was rejected in June before chief executive Irene Rosenfeld approached her opposite at Hershey, John Bilbrey, last week. She is said to have shown a willingness to raise the offer to $115 a share.

However, reports suggest that Hershey was not willing to consider a bid of less than $125 a share and was unwilling to talk while its charitable trust’s rules were being renegotiated.


Since reports of Mondelez’s bid interest surfaced two months ago, Hershey shares have been trading 20pc higher at around 111p, however they are expected to fall heavily when New York markets react to the deal’s collapse.

Ms Rosenfeld said that the Mondelez board was “disappointed with the outcome”, but decided there was “no actionable path toward an agreement”.

“Our proposal to acquire Hershey reflected our conviction that combining our two iconic American companies would create an industry leader with global scale in snacking and confectionery and a strong portfolio of complementary brands,” she said in a statement.

Jack Skelly, food analyst at Euromonitor, said: ““This will be bitterly disappointing for Mondelez and potentially embarrassing given the amount of publicity the proposed takeover generated. Given the infamously murky workings of The Hershey Trust, Mondelez must have been confident going in that they could be successful in their bid.”

Ms Rosenfeld shot to prominence in the UK after spearheading Kraft’s hardball negotiations with Cadbury. She gained notoriety for refusing to attend a Westminster inquiry into Kraft’s failure to keep its promise that it would keep the Bournville factory.


The £11.5bn, which was widely criticised as an example of British weakness in defending homegrown companies from unwanted advances, led to a rewriting of UK takeover rules.

During the takeover saga, Hershey and the Italian maker of Nutella, Ferrro, plotted to trump Kraft with a joint bid for Cadbury, but the complicated ownership structures at the two companies put a deal out of reach.


Hershey, which makes 90pc of its revenues in North America, has owned the rights to produce an American version of Cadbury’s chocolate since the late 1980s, and last year launched a legal battle to block the import of British Cadbury chocolate, which is less sweet.

The move triggered a huge outcry from British expats in the US and prompted a Vanity Fair article to suggest that chocoholics could stage a Boston Tea Party in reverse, hurling Hershey products into New York’s Hudson River.

8 Home Decor Tricks to Brighten a Dark Room

If you’re looking to brighten up a room that feels more like a cave (or even just a little on the dim side), try this mix of beginner tips and advanced ideas for bringing in more light and maximizing what you already have.

1. Start with white. When trying to brighten a dark space, many people look to mirrors to reflect light around a room. But that’s actually a bit of a design myth. The best way to scatter light is by using lots of white, because the non-hue doesn’t absorb any color. Instead, white sends as much light as possible bouncing indirectly back to other surfaces. So if it’s brightness you seek, the first thing you should do is paint your walls and ceiling white.

And if you really want to be aggressive, don’t stop with just the walls. Consider bringing in other white elements such as white art or frames, and white furniture, curtains and bedding.

2. Light the walls. Washing walls with light helps keep the edges bright, so even if you have lots of pot lights or ceiling lights, consider adding sconces with shades that aim light upward and downward. This powder room feels bright despite its lack of windows, thanks to the warm glow of a pair of sconces.

If you are adding lights (especially pot lights) to a ceiling, consider adding a few closer to the walls to cast light down onto the walls. This can highlight beautiful details such as traditional cabinetry or brick.

Undercabinet lighting creates a similar effect, adding a glow that comes from the edges and balances out the shadowing effect of bulky cabinetry. This can always be added after construction with LED strips or even battery-operated tap lights.

To brighten up a ceiling in a dim room such as a laundry room or den, try replacing a flush-mount ceiling light or a pendant with a semi-flush light that hangs just a little below the ceiling. This will diffuse the light across the ceiling to almost simulate the glowing effect of a skylight.

For an especially sophisticated approach, try using a picture light to brighten up a wall and make a focal point of a favorite art piece.

Table lamps work well on furniture to spread light across a wall, especially in classic drum shades with openings at the top and bottom.

3. Cool with blue. Natural light is cool compared with yellow-toned incandescent bulbs, so adding blue gives a pleasing crispness that reminds us of the sky. Plus, cool blue is neutral enough to work with nearly any accent color you want to toss in.

4. Counteract with black. It seems counterintuitive, but introducing some hits of stark black or charcoal adds touches of contrast that make the light areas surrounding them pop even more. Look especially to thin, linear elements, such as these chairs, or long floor lamps, sharp picture frames or patterned fabrics for the right dose of darkness.

Better yet, add punches of blue and black (or navy) to a room to create a beachy vibe that recalls luxe seaside getaways with plenty of summer sun.

5. Update lightbulbs. Besides adding actual blue, you can also choose to update your lightbulbs to a brighter output and a cooler “daylight” color tone. Warmer, yellow lights, such as the ones seen here, create a beautifully warm, intimate atmosphere, but if you’d prefer a brighter and fresher look, try a “true white” bulb.

6. Add area rugs. Dark hardwood or laminate floors are a beautiful and popular staple for contemporary homes, but they can drain a lot of light from some spaces, especially corridors without windows. Runner rugs in a lighter tone will break up this sort of flooring to give you the best mix of richness and airiness. A traditional patterned rug like this one incorporates off-whites for lightness without showing every speck of dirt.

7. Embrace blond woods. Including some elements of pale woods can really lighten up (and liven up) a space. Throw in a plant and the room will feel more naturally sunny even without any new light sources.

8. Provide balance. Ultimately, it’s important for a room to have some natural interplay between light and shadow, as the highlights and lowlights are appealing to the eye. Nobody likes the look of a super-bright big-box store with perfectly even lighting in harsh fluorescents. Add lights to brighten up dark corners, but don’t go overboard. A few shadows just mean your space has depth, and a sense of life, that makes it feel like a home.

7 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers Using Stencils

Do you have a piece of plain old furniture that could use a makeover? Stenciling your furniture may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Layering a gold pattern on top of a clean white table or decorating a metal filing cabinet with a pretty pattern can give your furniture the fresh new look you’ve been dreaming of.

Check out these 7 stencil makeovers that will take your furniture from basic to beautiful!

1. Wood Vanity Table

Your vanity table should be just as pretty as you are. This stenciled lattice design in gold metallic turned a $10 table into a snazzy setting.

2. Flea Market Find Facelift

This trash turned to treasure with the help of a little sanding, paint, rope drawer pulls, and most importantly stenciled numbers displaying a special date.

3. Herringbone Table

If you’re a sucker for gold and wood stain, you’ll love this furniture makeover! A herringbone vinyl stencil spray painted in gold metallic completed this trendy side table.

4. Flowered Filing Cabinet

Metal filing cabinets are chunky and bland, but this fully flowered, chalk painted, and stenciled filing cabinet transformed an eyesore into an eye-catching decor piece.

5. White Armoire

Customize an old piece of furniture into something brand new by adding a stencil design on top of some fresh coats of paint! Get the pattern used in this armoire makeover, here.

6. Metal Rolling Cart

This West Elm inspired cart was created from a vintage metal rolling cart refurbished into a gold metallic masterpiece.

7. Beach Inspired Porch Sideboard

With a light and airy look, this porch sideboard received a stencil makeover for a beach-themed space.

Construction Methods: The Cost of Traditional, Modern, and Niche

Townhouses, mobile homes, and high-rises are generally what comes to mind when you think of buildings because they are so common in society. However, there are many options to choose from whether it’s constructing a building based on traditional methods (e.g. timber), modern (e.g. steel & concrete), or niche (e.g. adobe).

Each type of building will have different costs in its development:

  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Zoning
  • Transit

Though it’s also important to consider the costs that appear once the building is completed:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Energy consumption
  • Hazard mitigation

Of course let’s not forget there is also the aesthetics, functionality, and desired space. Once you begin to factor in all of these costs and desires you begin to find which of the traditional, modern, or niche-type buildings would best suit your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the various options for buildings in each of the categories:


Modern designs for buildings drive the price to incredible lows with high value. Prefabricated homes, steel buildings, and IFC’s adhere to standardizations and regulations resulting in lower costs. The ease of installing these types of structures also play a factor in savings due to less intensive labor.

For example, the cost of steel buildings in this construction type has dependencies, such as the fluctuation of the steel market, size of the building, additional need for foundation, and other components like windows and doors. Despite the variances, a steel building is incredibly sturdy (great for geolocations with harsh weather), flexible (many different building types), and quick project time (due to standards in fabrication).

Other options outside of steel like concrete block or prefabricated, mobile buildings/homes have similar pricing tiers based on the needs of the client.

Estimation: ~$25.00 – $30.00 per square foot


Traditional style buildings are typically associated with the construction taking place on-site and aliased as being “stick built” or “site built”. We see these types of buildings less frequently constructed due to their high costs compared to prefabricated options.

Additional costs can begin to add-up due to a number of requirements:

  • Planning & design will come at a cost to hire professionals
  • Variable-grade materials depending on tightness of budget
  • Going beyond the build timeframe thus incurring additional labor costs
  • Additional paperwork and legal requirements that must be handled

It’s quite common to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a townhouse or equivalent building type (e.g. unique offices) due to labor and materials. However, those that want a unique design that holds value and sentiment then a traditional design is the right fit.

Estimation: ~$120.00 – $250.00 per square foot


Those that want to explore new options and go against the grain of traditional and modern design should consider niche designs which could include:

  • Adobe
  • Tiny houses
  • Log cabins

Cabins, for example, can be very inexpensive when working with the right contractor or incredibly expensive depending on what you’d like to build. Cabins that start with a modular base and add on hand-cut timber is a nice in-between. Costs for this type of building can be well within budget ($50,000+) to hundreds of thousands (read the longer breakdown) depending on the complexity.

Estimation: ~$50.00 – $125.00 per square foot

Decision Time

Factor all the pros and cons for each of the building types. Look at the construction finances but go beyond the building costs and couple in the operational expenses. Invest in a great design, ample space, and sturdy materials. Hopefully this article places you one step further to finding the building that’s right for you.

Hot water bath – a most soothing experience after a tiring day

A home is being made to add the comfort and relaxation to your life, to spend quality time with friends, families in a no hurry environment. People make home to feel the pleasure of ownership and an exclusive level of joy. The interior decoration of flat also being accomplished with the aim of complete satisfaction in terms of ease, carefreeness etc. All the facilities we add to our dream home is to have a stress free life after a long working day. Above all other amenities, the bathroom space should be given the extra care. After all tiredness of the day, you must love to pamper yourself in the hot water bath which can be achieved by having spa bathtubs in the washroom. At the end of the day, nothing can be better than the best bathing experience with warm water.

A full body soak spa experience

Most of the bathtubs are designed to have a full body depth it means you can soak yourself completely for as much time as you want. These come in circular, oval, rectangular and many different shapes and sizes. You can have any one of them according to your space fits or even get customized one. The various attractive colours will make you confuse while selection.

Why select the bath tubs from an online store?

You may get very limited options in nearby stores or even in the big market. But the online stores are having a plethora of collection from which you can choose the design, colour size, and shape. These online stores can deliver the product once you have selected the one and in given time frame. Their policies are transparent and are completely reliable.

Set a perfect home based spa

An in-home spa feeling can never be such refreshing like what you feel with freestanding acrylic bathtub contemporary design. These tubs are supported by strong and freestanding construction by a built-in metal frame and adjustable height metal legs. Made up of premium acrylic, the thickness of tub is excellent for heat retention and durability.  The extra depth of this tub and thousands of healthy bubbles combined with mood setting LED Chromotherapy system allows for a truly unique experience.

Some of the important features spa bathtubs should have are –

  • Simple in operation and maintenance
  • 2 Minute Purge Cycle
  • Fully integrated with bathtub
  • Plugs into a regular household electrical outlet
  • 2 included soft gel headrests are there for absolute comfort
  • For easy installation and servicing, two removable side panels are available
  • Extra depth can add ultimate comfort
  • Made up of thick 100% heavy gauge sanitary grade precision acrylic
  • Premium acrylic and tub thickness provides for excellent heat retention
  • Over 20 low-profile air jets
  • Electronic control panel
  • Soothing hot air massage
  • Variable Speed massage with wave & pulse modes
  • Slow colour rotation or fixed colour mode is available for underwater Chromotherapy

Have a perfect experience of bathing with the contemporary style of bathroom fittings and accessories. Add joy to your life with spending some quality time in a modern design bathroom of your choice.

5 Reasons That Are Making Kolkata Real Estate Market Boom

Kolkata is not just the city of sweets and writers, but it has become the real hub of IT and real estate sector. In past few months, when the rest of the country was facing ups and downs in the housing market, Kolkata witnessed the actual estate boom in that crucial period. What makes Kolkata rise in the real estate sector? Let’s find out in this post.

From the past one decade, the real estate industry in Kolkata has been dynamic and is increasing consistently. If the real transformation has occurred anywhere, then it is in Kolkata; both in the commercial and residential estate. What can be the precise reason behind such an appreciable growth and the transformation? Read ahead to know it!

  1. Low Land Cost-

If you compare the prices of lands of Kolkata with the prices in other metro cities, you can see a radical difference. The cost of the property is likely to be cheaper as compared to other cities. This factor helps people to buy the property without any hassle.

  1. Enhanced Infrastructure-

The ancient and British architecture is the thing that usually defines Kolkata. But, lately, one can see a lot of enhancement and improvement in the infrastructure that resides in the periphery of Kolkata. This is another reason for the sky touching real estate demand in Kolkata.

  1. Improved Transportation & Communication-

There was a time when people found it difficult to travel from suburban areas to the central Kolkata, as there were very few options for the transportation. But, since the last decade, the transportation has improved as well. In fact, Kolkata might be the only city to provide cheap transportation as compared to the other big cities of the country. Besides, the ways of communication have boosted up as well; therefore, it has become easy to get the hands on the property for sale in Kolkata. Another reason for the hike!

  1. Industrialization

One of the prominent reasons for the boom is the rapid growth of industrialisation. Kolkata is one of those cities that resides the hub of information technology and other major industries. This growth encourages the employment and hence, the rising demand for residential property.

  1. Good Education Facilities-

Apart from all the other things, Kolkata also provides excellent education facilities. These facilities charm the students from around the country. That becomes another reason for the demand for residential property. Moreover, many of the NRIs and Indians from the eastern states decide to settle down in Kolkata, hence the increment in the real estate sector.

So, these are some of the reasons for the boom in the real estate sector of Kolkata. If you are trying to buy any property and you want to consider practical aspects more than emotional, then Kolkata city can become your new abode. Also, because of the low cost and availability of land, you will surely get to grab a great deal!  Search your shining dream habitat today!