Wondering If Steroids Are Legal in Europe? We’ve Got the Answer!

Wondering If Steroids Are Legal in Europe? We’ve Got the Answer!

The legal situation of steroids is complicated not only in Europe, but the world over. In America, it might be easier because the countries there are fewer. The old continent instead is divided between tens of countries and each of them regulates the steroids usage differently. All of these make it difficult to determine the legal status of steroids on the continental level.

There is, however, a particular pattern that groups the countries of Europe in terms of whether they allow people to posses and use steroids. It should be considered more of tendency than rule, as majority of the countries have a complicated law regarding this issue.

Steroids in the UK

The United Kingdom is a particular case on the map of steroids in Europe. For a few decades, the bodybuilders and athletes were allowed to use steroids as they pleased without any legal consequences. However, after years, the situation changed and now these substances are primarily used as medicine that helps fight the symptoms of different conditions. Officially, steroids are not approved of and buying them demands a prescription from a GP. This is the first stumbling block in the use of these drugs, especially among those intending them for bodybuilding.

The situation of steroids in the UK is complex mainly because of the fact that the regulations are contradictory. It is not illegal to possess and use steroids without a prescription and there are hardly any consequences if a person is caught with these substances. However, the steroids were classified as the C class of drugs, which means – the least harmful ones. Because of this, possessing these substances is not illegal, but to produce them and supply the other people with them, is.


Steroids in the rest of Europe

Possessing steroids outside of the UK is not a less complicated issue. The regulations vary from one border to another and their number can be confusing. To put it simply, the rest of the countries of the old continent could be divided into “illegal”, “legal with prescription”, and “completely legal” groups.

The examples of countries where steroids are considered illegal are Norway and Sweden. In Belgium, France or Switzerland they are legal if a person have a prescription. The majority of the countries in the western Europe have the same policy as the UK – usually possession isn’t illegal, but the production and sale is. These tendencies are different in the central and eastern Europe. In countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine or even Greece, it is possible to easily obtain steroids with or without a prescription.
In brief

To simplify, there is no clear answer as to whether possessing steroids in Europe is legal or not. In the vast majority of the countries, it is not illegal to have small amounts of these substances for a personal use, but there are places where their possession is an offence. Before buying steroids in Europe, it it necessary to make a long research on their legal status in the particular country. The most recent updates coming from the official institutions are often the safest way to access this information.

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