Wondering If Steroids Are Legal in Europe? We’ve Got the Answer!

The legal situation of steroids is complicated not only in Europe, but the world over. In America, it might be easier because the countries there are fewer. The old continent instead is divided between tens of countries and each of them regulates the steroids usage differently. All of these make it difficult to determine the legal status of steroids on the continental level.

There is, however, a particular pattern that groups the countries of Europe in terms of whether they allow people to posses and use steroids. It should be considered more of tendency than rule, as majority of the countries have a complicated law regarding this issue.

Steroids in the UK

The United Kingdom is a particular case on the map of steroids in Europe. For a few decades, the bodybuilders and athletes were allowed to use steroids as they pleased without any legal consequences. However, after years, the situation changed and now these substances are primarily used as medicine that helps fight the symptoms of different conditions. Officially, steroids are not approved of and buying them demands a prescription from a GP. This is the first stumbling block in the use of these drugs, especially among those intending them for bodybuilding.

The situation of steroids in the UK is complex mainly because of the fact that the regulations are contradictory. It is not illegal to possess and use steroids without a prescription and there are hardly any consequences if a person is caught with these substances. However, the steroids were classified as the C class of drugs, which means – the least harmful ones. Because of this, possessing these substances is not illegal, but to produce them and supply the other people with them, is.


Steroids in the rest of Europe

Possessing steroids outside of the UK is not a less complicated issue. The regulations vary from one border to another and their number can be confusing. To put it simply, the rest of the countries of the old continent could be divided into “illegal”, “legal with prescription”, and “completely legal” groups.

The examples of countries where steroids are considered illegal are Norway and Sweden. In Belgium, France or Switzerland they are legal if a person have a prescription. The majority of the countries in the western Europe have the same policy as the UK – usually possession isn’t illegal, but the production and sale is. These tendencies are different in the central and eastern Europe. In countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine or even Greece, it is possible to easily obtain steroids with or without a prescription.
In brief

To simplify, there is no clear answer as to whether possessing steroids in Europe is legal or not. In the vast majority of the countries, it is not illegal to have small amounts of these substances for a personal use, but there are places where their possession is an offence. Before buying steroids in Europe, it it necessary to make a long research on their legal status in the particular country. The most recent updates coming from the official institutions are often the safest way to access this information.

How to Install Your Own Solar Panels

As more people become eco-conscious, and as energy prices continue to climb, many individuals are choosing to switch to renewable energy to power their homes. And one of the best ways to get the energy you need while doing something great for the environment is by having solar panels installed on your roof. So if you’ve been thinking about installing solar panels on your home but you’re reluctant to hire professionals to do it for you, rest assured that there are ways that you can go about installing the solar panels yourself. Continue reading to learn more.


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Have Safety Gear in Place

First off, you need to invest in the proper safety gear that will keep you safe from dangerous falls that could lead to serious injuries or even death. Remember, you’ll be working on your roof, which is an unsafe environment, and you’ll be working with heavy materials, so getting a rescue kit and making sure that you have a sturdy ladder to use is the first thing that you should do.

Choose the Right Panels

When it comes to solar panels, you can choose from thin-film panels or crystalline panels. Understanding the differences between these types of panels will help you make the right choice for your installation.

The large blue solar panels that typically come to mind when people imagine solar panels are actually crystalline modules. These are popular because they’re durable and efficient, and they have a 40-year lifespan. However, despite their benefits, crystalline solar panels can be difficult to install on your own because you’ll need an elaborate racking system.

Thin-film solar panels, on the other hand, are flexible, so they’re gaining in popularity because they’re easy to use. Thin-film panels also cost less and are surprisingly convenient because the installation is really simple. All you have to do is place these panels onto a smooth surface. However, these aren’t as durable, they’ll only last about 25 years, and they’re less efficient.

Consider Ground Installation

If you don’t want to install the solar panels onto your roof, or if your roof isn’t appropriate for solar panels, you can always pursue a ground installation instead, which is quite easy. You’ll need to sacrifice your land to the panels, so make sure that you have plenty of land to go around, and you want to be sure that the area that you choose is solid ground that doesn’t get a lot of strong winds. And if you install your panels on pivoting poles, they can follow the sun and collect more energy.

Follow Regulations

Finally, you also need to consider regulations for installing your own solar panels. Make sure that it’s legal to do so by calling your local government and asking about necessary building permits. And always contact a local electrician who can ensure that you’re installing the panels safely and correctly.

When it comes to installing solar panels on your home, the planning process is more involved than the actual installation. But if you have the time and resources and you’re the DIY type, installing the panels yourself may be the best option.

Ways to Save on Your Summertime Household Expenses

Whether you are trying you save up for a summer vacation or simply looking for ways to keep more money in your accounts, one of the first places you should look for extra money is in your home. Here some ways you can shave some money off your household budget.
Get Rid of Clutter
It can be hard for you to stay cool and comfortable when you are home if the place is full of clutter. Air should be able to circulate freely inside of your home. If there is too much stuff in any given space, it won’t be able to do so. Get rid of any items you haven’t used in the last three to six months by hosting a garage sale or donating them to charity. Organize your furniture so it is not bunched up together.
Upgrade Your Bulbs

You may be used to using traditional bulbs in all of your lights because they are cheaper, but LED, CFL, and Energy Star light bulbs are more cost-effective in the long run. They are energy efficient and last far longer than traditional light bulbs.
Disconnect Electronics That Are Not in Use
You may think that when your electronics are not in use that they are not costing you a dime. However, many electronic devices still draw a small amount of electricity, resulting in a phantom charge. Keeping track of what’s plugged up and making sure they are no longer connected to a power source when you are not home can be a hassle. To make things easier, plug all of your appliances and electronics into power strips so all you need to do is flick a switch to shut the power off from them when you leave.

Get Rid of Cable

If you’re not home much during the summer, yet you have cable, you may want to consider cutting the cord. It doesn’t make much logical or financial sense for you to have an expensive cable bill if you are not benefitting from it. If you must have some form of movie entertainment, consider the much cheaper option of signing up for a movie subscription service like Netflix or Hulu.

Check Your Thermostat

If you play with your thermostat each day to maintain a comfortable environment, you are going about it the wrong way. You can shave a substantial amount of money off your heating and cooling bills by setting your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher when you’re home.
Get an Energy Audit

You may think that the only time you need a home energy audit is during the winter season, but it is also a good idea for you to have one done by a professional HVAC company like Ace Air during the summer season. An energy audit can make you more aware of how your home’s energy is being used, if it’s being wasted, and where it is escaping to. Once you know this information, you can take appropriate action to correct it so your home is more energy efficient and less financially draining on your wallet.

There are plenty of other adjustments you can make to reduce your household expenses. The money you save from the above suggestions can really help you to reach any financial goals you have in place for the summertime.